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Re:K and History

Feb 18, 2002 04:55 AM
by Larry F Kolts

MKR: Re Krishnamurti, he laid out his views when he delivered his "Truth 
> is a 
> Pathless Land". (May be it can be posted here, if anyone would like 
> it be 
> posted.) He emphasised that no organization can lead any one to 
> Truth and 
> it is something that each one of us has to discover for ourselves. 
> (Hard 
> work! - nothing cooked and spoon fed!) History is past and he 
> emphasized 
> the urgent need to deal with what *is* at the present moment. So I 
> do not 
> think he dwelt on History.

Bill:I wonder did J. Krishnamurti ever speak of 'history' and bias? I 
> have read
> >some of what he said about organizations.

It seems to me that K was well aquainted with history. He spoke of it in
general terms rather than specifics, but I would contend that without
this historical background he would have had no real starting place for
his lectures on transformation

1-K constantly speaks of man's inhumanity to man. He speaks of wars
caused by tribal and religious differences, the escalation of firepower
until we are have the ability to destroy ourselves. Is not this history?

2-In speaking of organizations, K points out how inaffective they are.
This too shows he is familiar with history.

I could cite specific quotes, but his writings are som full of all this
one doesn't have to go far to find it.

Maybe its just a matter of perspective

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