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Re to Sufilight - Proofs

Feb 12, 2002 11:40 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<The knowledge and proof og Gupta-Vidya is a state of mind. The "final and irrefutable proof" HPB mentions is maybe for the individual and not for the Planet as a whole. Do you understand that idea Jerry ?>>>

There is, certainly, a knowledge of gupta vidya. There is, I am equally certain, no proofs. HPB used the word "proof" a lot in her writings, but she was talking/writing in a purely Laplacian world where everything can be proved to either exist or not exist, and all is black or white and where mathematics will solve all problems. That world no longer exists, as modern science has killed it. Today existence is described in all shades of grey, no real black or white anywhere. Laplacian views are dead. Proofs and facts are out, theories and probabilities are in, and we are all the better for it. Parabrahman is a theory, an assumption, a reification, and it can be experienced in degrees, but that is not "proof" (because some people experience little green men, and some experience pink elephants, etc so that experience per se is a pretty relative business), rather it is just another experience, albeit a nice one. The only one thing that we can "prove" is that we are always experiencing something - experience per se never ends. But WHAT we experience changes with the wind.

Jerry S.

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