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Re: Theos-World Theosophy and Science Re: A complete short rational theory ... ???

Feb 11, 2002 09:41 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/07/02 7:30:08 AM, writes:

>>Leon: "From this infinite potentiality, or "diversity within a 
>>unity," the whole universe involves and evolves to form the seven 
>>fold "coadunate but not consubstantial" field nature of all beings -- 
>>in accordance with the fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity 
>>that underlie the laws of electricity (from a scientific standpoint) 
>>as well as the laws of karma (from a mystical or theosophical 
>>standpoint)... These laws are analogously similar in governing the 
>>cause and effect chains (action<-->reaction<-->action)"
>If modern science already since years talks about quantum physics, 
>chaos theory, and its newer devellopments, where do we expect to find 
>anything that comes scientifly near to proving that for example "the 
>whole universe involves and evolves to form the seven fold" ?
>Even the 19th century scientific cause and effect theory (Laplacian 
>theory ) that Blavatsky ascribed to doesn't withstand the scrutiny of 
>21th century science the way it is tought today it seems.

21st century academic science -- other than, perhaps, the 11 dimensional (10 
fields plus time?) zero-point energy theory of Superstrings/M-branes. that is 
more or less consistent with Blavatsky's multidimensional "coadunate but not 
consubstantial" fields or planes of consciousness (and which my ABC theory 
describes in more or less scientifically logical terms) -- still does not 
consider the universe's fundamental structure beyond the limits of 
physically observed particulate matter.  

All the reductive and materialistic theories of quantum physics that are 
currently academically and technologically accepted (although still argued as 
being incomplete and inconsistent with other equally respected scientific 
theories) cannot, for instance, make the logically scientific connection 
between relativity theories (which extends from the zero-point to infinity) 
and the fundamental particle (as the limiting basis of quantum theories).  

Even Einstein could never buy the more or less accepted presumption of 
quantum theory that "nothing" existed in the "Planck distance" space (or 
scientific vacuum) between the quantum particle and the zero-point or 
"singularity" (explained as being of zero dimension and infinite mass-energy 
in his relativity theories).  

There is also reasonable evidence to believe that Einstein got his intuition 
of E=mc^2, and the belief in the idea that matter and energy were 
interchangeable or "one thing" -- directly from the Secret Doctrine -- since 
the concept of relativity, and the equation, E=mc^2, came long before the 
mathematics that attempted to prove it, and Einstein did own a well read copy 
of the SD, as well as projected many theosophical ideas in his personal 

Einstein also didn't believe that anything in the universe could happen 
spontaneously, or be intelligently formed by pure chance, be "indeterminate," 
or without a logical cause. "God does not play dice," he said. But, at 
certain dimensions near the Planck distance, the distinction between wave and 
particle becomes arbitrary, and thereby, the observer of a measurement of one 
aspect of matter can influence the measurement of the other -- i.e., if one 
locates the position of the particle, one can't determine its energy, and if 
one determines its energy, one can't locate its position.  

This observation (limited to the physical plane) can only be understood as 
still being "causal", rather than random "probability" or "indeterminate" -- 
if one accepts the possibility of multiple orders (or frequency spectrum 
phases) of "coadunate" and "coenergetic" fields that transfer information in, 
through, and between each individual field phase under the governance of 
analogous laws of electricity and magnetism (considered as a single, 
codependent force -- of varying, although analogous, vibratory frequency 
spectrum phase in each field domain). Necessarily, then, since the 
fundamental cyclic laws of electricity cannot change, such fields would 
evolve (before the "breaking of symmetry") -- like the musical notes and 
color spectrums -- in the form of descending "octaves." This is the 
scientific basis of the seven fold planes, or "chakrafield" ideas of 
theosophy, and its roots in ancient occultism -- as reflected in esoteric 
Brahmanism, Buddhism, Kabbalism, Sufism, etc.

Incidentally, Einstein also knew that a series of interconnected unified 
fields existed between the zero-point and infinite expansion of the 
universe... Although, he could not come up with a logical mathematical proof 
to explain it before he died. Today, the closest to such a "Grand Unified 
theory of Everything" (GUTE) is Superstring/Membrane theory, which, in most 
of its conclusions, not only consolidates relativity and quantum physics, but 
also very closely parallels the multi-fold, unified field theory of theosophy 
(along with its scientific description within ABC theory) –- as HPBpredicted 
would happen before the beginning of this century. But, so far, there is no 
objective proof that science can accept -- except partially, through the 
"Casimir effect" -- which simply confirms that infinite zero-point energy 
actually exists everywhere in the so called, "empty" space or vacuum.  

The next step in quantum physics is the understanding of "quantum gravity" 
that may account for the Casimir effect -- but they have a long way to go, 
since quantum theorists have never been able to resolve or describe the 
nature of the universe within the Planck distance (which covers more 
multidimensional zero-point "space" than all the quantum particles put 
together). The problem is; Being limited by their materialistic view, they 
cannot imagine or mathematically predict what occurred or existed BEFORE the 
first field of so called fundamental particles or photons appeared after the 
"Big Bang." In addition, their limited thinking that everything can be 
explained by physical processes, assuming matter as the fundamental condition 
of the universe, leaves them very little to hang onto when trying to explain 
subjective truths like conscious experience, self awareness, mental thought, 
etc. And, even this "matter only" view is a mistaken notion that some few 
contempoporary physicists have given up, since it has already been adequately 
proven by experimental evidence, that the fundamental quantum energy-matter 
packet is both a particle AND a wave... And, from that, in can be inferred 
that the wave must have its root in the vibration of higher order fields that 
are closer to the infinite frequency of spin in the zero-point.  

So, to keep their materialistic theories intact, and limited to this 
measurable, or metric physical "space-time continuum," most quantum 
physicists completely ignore the true nature of the multidimensional and 
coadunate fields within the "vacuum" of space between the particles...  
Unfortunately, they also ignore the idea that internal sensory "image" 
information passing through the biological systems, from the smallest one 
cell organism to the largest planetary, solar, galactic and universal systems 
-- (so as reach the higher consciousness fields of mind and memory on each 
level) -- would most parsimoniously be transferred as modulated holographic 
interference patterns of coenergetic wave forms (as ABC theory of 
consciousness and perception proposes) rather than as "quantum gravity 
effects." And, thus, the conventional quantum theories are all relatively 
incomplete and insufficient to describe the true hidden nature of the 
Universe -- along with the analogous nature ("as above, so below") of each 
"being" involved and evolved in it.  

On the other hand, superstring, membrane, chaos and simplicity-complexity 
theories are approaching closer and closer to the ancient coadunate field 
theories of theosophy (and ABC), and are beginning to admit that the universe 
is composed of multidimensional fields that are based on the laws of 
electricity (or electromagnetism) which is fundamentally vibrational or 
cyclic, and, thus, can involve and evolve into multidimensional fields within 
fields within fields -- like bubbles within bubble within bubbles, etc.  
This concept of Supertring/M-brane theory is almost identical to the 
multifold (triune, septenary, etc) chakra-field within field nature as 
described in my ABC theory -- which is entirely consistent with the 
"coadunate but not consubstantial" multi-fold, involutionary and evolutionary 
field theory of consciousness and matter described in the Book of Dzyan, and 
explained by HPB in the Secret Doctrine. 

Therefore, from the scientific point of view, what comes before the "Big 
Bang" (which itself, is also theoretical, and has never been satisfactorily 
proven) is still an entire mystery to "established" modern science -- which 
can only serve as the basis of the still materialistic "solid state" and 
"coherent energy state" [laser] high technology we see all around us in our 
communication and entertainment systems. But this isn't all there is. Thus, 
anything they speculate about this "mystery of pre-particle origins," can 
have no more or less scientific validity than the zero-point origin, 
multidimensional (or multilevel or multiplane) coadunate field theory of 
theosophy (or ABC) -- or the yet to be proven theories of 

However, as least for the time being, these "theosophical" theories of 
Cosmogenesis go much deeper into the fundamental origin and evolution of the 
universe than conventional physixal science -- while still being consistent 
with and not contradicting the observations or valid scientific conclusions 
of modern physics (related to its own areas of inquiry)... Although, conven
tional science still cannot satisfactorily explain consciousness, mind, 
memory, thought, emotions, perception, sleep rejuvenation, psi phenomena, 
mental healing or placebo effect, blind sight, phantom limb effect, etc....  
As theosophy, and its scientific interpretation (ABC) can easily do.  
Therefore, it is obvious that, while material science is full of holes, there 
are no apparent loose ends or gaps in either HPB's or ABC's explanation of 
fundamental reality and its genesis. (If this makes those who accept such 
teachings, "fundamentalists" -- well, then, so be it... As Popeye said, "I 
yam wot I yam 'cause I yam wot I yam".:-)

Of course, the technological prowess of quantum theory is probably why most 
people think that modern science knows everything about how the universe 
really works. But, that is all materialistic and mechanistically based 
thinking... And, thus, material "science" has nothing to do with or say about 
what came before their so called quantum "particles," or how the universe 
originated and expanded into the realities of both consciousness (as 
subjectivity) and matter (as objectivity) -- that we commonly experience asa 
fundamental duality on this physical plane of reality. (But which must, in 
actuality, be a trinity composed of a duality within a UNITY.) 

Although interdisciplinary scientists have been studying consciousness 
seriously for the past ten years or so, and have tried to apply relativity 
and quantum physics to explain it, they are still completely in the dark -- 
with many conflicting and inconclusive theories, and are as far from the 
answers to: What is the source and nature of consciousness?; What is the 
nature of the Self?; How to explain experience? etc. -- as they were in the 
time of Blavatsky.  

Also, please remember that all these scientific descriptions of the universe 
and its mechanisms, including the description offered by theosophy (and also 
by ABC) are still THEORIES or hypotheses, and are subject to falsification or 
verification by either objective (or subjective) experimental evidence.  
Therefore, none of these "theories" of classical, modern and postmodern 
science can make any claim to be completely correct -- outside of the limited 
field in which they appear to work. Thus, Newton's theory which was 
superseded by Einstein's relativity and subsequent quantum theories, while 
inconsistent with each other, still are useful in their respective, although 
limited fields of application. The same can be said for theosophical field 
theory as it applies to our inner natures -- which can only be "proven," 
subjectively, by each individual through their own "self devised and self 
determined study and efforts."  

So... It is yet to be proven that Blavatsky's metaphysical theory of 
universal origin and its evolutionary mechanisms (as described in the Book of 
Dzyan), as well as its scientific description in my ABC theory (which is 
partially consistent with the latest, although still generally disapproved, 
but, as yet, non-falsified theory of Superstring/M-branes) -- is wrong... 
Nevertheless, these theories answer all the unanswered questions of modern 
science. This puts them in a completely opposite category than the currently 
"accepted" materialistic scientific theories, such as relativity and quantum 
physics -- which still haven't come up with satisfactory and consistent 
answers to the really important questions of universal origin, cosmogenesis, 
unified fields, unified energy and matter, the cause and mechanisms of 
consciousness and perception, the link between brain, mind, memory, etc., the 
cause and mechanisms of psi phenomena, or other anomalies of nature that are 
still total mysteries to established science... But, for which theosophy 
holds all the logical and consistent answers... And, its all there for the 
serious student to find -- hidden among the infinitude of words and 
references in the Secret Doctrine written by HPB... 

I hope this answers all your questions.  


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