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Re: Theos-World Comprimises??? Hmm, what does Brigitte mean by using that term?

Feb 10, 2002 08:33 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/10/02 5:58:54 PM, writes:

>Brigitte, you write to me:
>"You have send the same links of yor dosen or so articles on the 
>subject that anybody whoreads TMR can see for themselve that it only 
>comprimises 5% of the content of TMR, no matter how often you send 
>the same links."
>What does "it" refer to when you write:
>". . . it [Caldwell's critique???] only comprimises [compromises??!] 
>5% of the content of [Johnson's] TMR. . . ."
>Brigitte, what are you trying to tell us here?
>My critique COMPROMISES that portion of Johnson's TMR dealing with 
>the Masters Morya and Koot Hoomi??
>COMPRIMISES?? I wonder what you mean here and what you are 
>actually admitting?? :)

That she can't spell "comprises." (But not too badly for a foreigner.:-)

Although, not very sporting of you to pick on her that way and imply an 
ulterior motive, is it? 

Maybe this ad homonym discussion that is cluttering our mailboxes with much 
repetitive and contradictory historical nonsense, or ego tripping (at least 
from my POV), ought to be private between the argufying "historians" 
themselves... So, we can all get back to discussing the theosophical 
teachings and its synthesis of science, religion and philosophy that all you 
historical nit pickers seem to be completely ignoring. 

Flogging or defending the "messenger" has taken all our minds off the 
"message" and wastes our time opening and reading mail (hoping for some gems 
of wisdom) that have nothing more in them than endless historical 
disagreement and personal attacks... Both of which, I'm sure, have little 
interest to those majority of us interested in the "scientific" and 
"spiritual" STUDY of "theosophy" and its occult foundation -- rather than 
the personal foibles of the so called, founders of modern theosophy. 

So, why not just post your historical stuff on your web sites and send us the 
URLs so we can decide for ourselves whether or not it is worth our time to 
read what you have to say? 

In the meantime, assuming that there's nothing of theosophical value in 
anything you write about its history, I'll just relegate all letters under 
your names to the trash -- after deciding from the subject line, whether or 
not they pertain to theosophical teachings themselves -- which is my only 
interest in this forum. What others do about all this non theosophical 
clutter, is up to them. 


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