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Re: Theos-World Sai Baba on computers etc..

Feb 10, 2002 05:53 PM
by ramadoss

At 08:37 PM 2/10/02 +0100, Morten Sufilight wrote:
I could ask for a Theosophical point of view on that - by comparing. But I may not get it.
When I ask something, people seem not to answer.
One can wonder why ?

Sufilight with LOVE...
Hi, Morten:

I can only give my personal view. I do not think there is any "theosophical" view.
Computers are part of the technological advancement and anything that helps us to do our jobs or to do any job quicker, easier, better, we do use. These days computers are everywhere. Whether we use them or not is up to us. I think use of computers lets us do things which computers cannot do efficiently.


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