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Sai Baba on computers etc..

Feb 10, 2002 11:42 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

Here is a little soemthing on computers. I wonder what the view on computers are - when one is being a theosophist ?:

Taken from "My Baba and I" by John S. Hislop; 1985, p.194:

"The growing tendency to rely on computers and calculators to provide answers to problems is bringing about rapid deterioration of intellect. In times past, people had to use their brains to think long and hard on problems. Now, the mental work is handed over to a computer and the mental faculties deteriorate through disuse."....

"MG: But is it not possible to use computers in a constructive and beneficial way?

Sai: Yes, this is going on. There is the intention to use them in ways there are beneficial and constructive. The immediate results appear to be very good. But in the long run the use of computers and calculators will result in severe deterioration of the human intellectual power."

I could ask for a Theosophical point of view on that - by comparing. But I may not get it.
When I ask something, people seem not to answer.
One can wonder why ?

Sufilight with LOVE...

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