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Re to Sufilight - Experience

Feb 10, 2002 10:13 AM
by Gerald Schueler

<<<Hi Brigitte and all of you,
But according to me - ParaBrahman - God - i.e. Neti, Neti (not this, not that) is claimed to transcend - 'experience' !
The ignorant think, that experience is all there is, because the ignorant hasn't 'experienced' anyhting 'else'.
When you are ParaBrahman it will all change.
from Sufilight with... transcending views...>>>>

Morten, thanks for your thoughts here. But why do you insist on maintaining an external God or deity? By setting up such an external divinity, you simultaneously bring yourself down. Positing a Parabrahman and yourself as something different automatically sets up a duality, and so defeats your goal.

Morten, unity with Parabrham (or Godhead, or whatever) is still just an experience. Theosophists like to think that spiritual experiences are more real, more eternal, more infinite, more absolute, than material experiences, even though Blavatsky tells us that matter and spirit are two sides of the very same thing. Maybe you and your Parabrahman are two sides of the same thing? Ever consider that possibility?

No one, with absolutely no exceptions, can transcend experience per se. Your idea is so illogical that I can't even think intelligently about it. Any transcendental experience is just that - an experience. If you have really joined with Parabrahman then you would know very well that it is a wonderful and ineffable experience, but an unprovable experience nonetheless.

Jerry S.


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