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Re: Theos-World Part I = Adepts - Masters - Mahatmas -- HOW THEY WORK

Feb 09, 2002 09:56 AM
by adelasie

Dear Leon,

Your comments are very helpful and I thank you. You have a very 
scientific approach to our subject, and I am interested to know if 
you are acquainted with other scientists who take ancient wisdom into 
account in their work? I have heard of some such in Russia, but of 
course there is a language problem in trying to communicate with 
them. I am not aware of any translations of their work at the 


On 7 Feb 2002 at 1:06, wrote:

> (*---*= italics) 
> Perhaps, the meaning will be quite clear when one considers that
> Krishna is speaking from the standpoint of the infinite, unmanifest,
> *primal beginning* or Parabrahm, that exists, forever unborn and
> outside of (manifest, or finite) space-time, as an infinite
> potentiality of the unmanifest or primal "zero-point." 

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