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RE: Theosophy

Feb 09, 2002 02:10 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, February 09, 2002

Dear Doss:

Let's take THEOSOPHY and compare it to mathematics. (or to any
unbiased science )

Without the fundamental and basic laws of mathematics (or
science) being well taught and understood, nothing new can be

Similarly with Theosophy.

There are certain basic laws and rules observed and recorded by
the Elder Brothers.

Those are advanced for consideration in The SECRET DOCTRINE and
elsewhere in the "original Writings" and literature of theosophy.

Those laws are briefly:

1.	Universal Unity, and

2.	Universal Causation,

3.	Karma,

4.	Reincarnation and

5.	the universal potential of Evolution -- that each Ego may at
some time eventually reach the Goal of Divine and Supreme

The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) covers these in detail and explains
much about Theosophy and the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY .

There is no question that new material and discoveries are being
added. One need only subscribe to magazines such as THEOSOPHY
(Los Angeles), THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT of Bombay, and FOHAT of
Edmonton, Canada to discover such advances.

Since Theosophy covers the entire world an universe there is no
such thing as a "closed system" and the "core teachings" are no
more than a common sense expression of facts in Nature which any
one can verify. and is invited to study and seek to use and apply
when understood.

In one word BROTHERHOOD is contained the entire teaching and
purpose of Theosophy..

Additionally there are a number of valuable Web Sites to go to
such as:


Hope this proves to be of help



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At 10:52 PM 2/8/02 +0800, Gerald Schueler wrote:
>Either Theosophy, and thus the TM, is a closed system of core
>or it is an open system of living ideas that grows by accepting
>thoughts. Some seem to want the former while giving lip service
to the
>latter, while I am clearly arguing for the latter. Anyway, for
some people
>this is a new concept, and it may take a while to sink in.
>Jerry S.

To many, this is a very important issue. Much of early writings
could be
inspired writings, and if one views them as putting in writing
the reality,
then one searches to understand the reality behind them with
experience. Of course if one takes this line of approach, one is
likely to
be alone in one's search.

My 0.02


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