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Re: Theos-World Bailey and Denmark

Feb 08, 2002 01:30 PM
by Larry F Kolts

Some questions on the dialogue between Morten and Paul

This is interesting stuff by the way, as the recent/current situations
are not common knowledge except to those "in the know".

1-If TS-Adyar expells lodges/sections for Bailey infiltration, what is
the current relationship with K's adherents? Some readings make it seem
that K had a real reconciliation with Adyar, as Radha was an old friend,
but did he ever actually rejoin the TS or only visit the Adyar compound
from which he was excluded by George Arundale in the early 30's? How are
k devotees viewed today? Might not the corpus of K's writing also qualify
to some as this later work HPB mentioned? I've read Aryel Sanat's THE
INNER LIFE OF KRISHNAMURTI and he postulates that K is the logical
successor to the spiritual traditions started by HPB.
Any thoughts on all this?

2-All this continued talk about fundamentalists in the various sections
and also the comments about the ES reminds me of the NT Pharasees
(fundamentalists) and Saducees(the temple/priestly cult-ES) My eight
years with ULT confirms that there is a certain rigidity there vs the
other traditions, but old feelingsdie hard and many perhaps do not fully
realize the change TS-Adyar has undergone. there are also many at ULT who
do not feel that way. it's really a mixed bag. That's why I'm so up on
these lists, bringing together theosophists from all the different
traditions and slowly coming to the conclusion that none of them really
have horns!

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