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RE: Quick Responses to Dallas

Feb 08, 2002 01:30 AM
by dalval14

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Thanks Jerry:

I guess I'll add my notes ? to YOUR NOTES


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Subject: Quick Responses to Dallas

<<<<Dallas wrote:
For instance, here are some subjects being currently discussed
and which others, and I, have been seeking answers for:>>>

I would like to present some of my own quick answers to these

<<<Is there actual immortality? Is it possible this is in
"invisible Nature and invisible Man ?">>>>

Since there is no inherently real self, entity, or being, the
ideas of immortality and mortality are just that - mental
concepts. Grasping after immortality is just as futile as
grasping after mortality. When all the dust of manifestation is
removed, only a pure naked unadorned awareness remains which is
neither subjective nor objective.

DTB WHO says this? How is such a finality derived? How does
it relate to continuity? Behind the mortal and transitory is
there anything more permanent? But don't you say that ?

I agree that once the material forms of any kind of substance are
dissipate only pure awareness remains -- but then that has been
called the immutable and indefinable ABSOLUTE. Other than that
all is transitory -- but Why and What happens to the mutable


<<<Do Law and Laws rule the Universe?>>>

All laws are relative, and ours holds only for our 7-plane solar
system. Furthermore, it is legal to transcend laws. The law of
karma, for example, has a built-in provision which allows us to
karmically transcend karma itself. Laws are the building blocks
of manifestation and have only a conditional reality.


DTB Within the "naked unadorned awareness" what is the CAUSE
for differentiation and MANIFESTATION? How is it possible or
necessary such a variety of individual consciousnesses ?
What covers them with laws, materials, karma, and the power to
think? Is that done spontaneously, is it done by some
pre-existing pattern? Is there some reason for it ?

If we have conditioned "building blocks" then somewhere we have
the Unconditioned as a contrast or am I wrong ? Of what value
are such "building block?"


<<<Is there any Goal for evolution?>>>

No. Evolution is mayavic illusion, and to seek for a goal is like
seeking for the goal of a dream while dreaming.


DTB Somehow I cannot conceive of a purposeless MAYA. If
there is non-permanence, then something PERMANENT knows and
perceives the difference? Why ?

Even if a dreamer dreams, there is at some remove, an awareness
that is not dependent on dream? Is it Reality? or does it
perceive reality ?


<<<What is the power of thought? How is it developed? Where
does it lead?>>>

Thoughts are the product of manas and thoughts have great power
on the lower planes, but do not even exist on the higher planes.
Thoughts are karmic and to transcend thoughts is roughly
equivalent to transcending karma.


DTB MANAS is a name given to cover the many kinds of
faculties and capacities that can be usually called: (by
Patanjali -- Book I verse 6: "Correct Cognition, Misconception,
Fancy, Sleep (and dreams) Memory. These are the result of
Perception, Inference, Testimony.

Apparently these several divisions (or tools) can be handled and
modified by the Real Person who perceives an uses them after He
/It adopts a "firm position."

Patanjali then proceeds to discuss Meditation (or correct
cognition) . He says it is preceded by "Faith, Energy,
Intentness on a single point, and Discernment.

He chooses to call the being that is free of "Maya" ISHWARA --
and further says He /It is the preceptor -- the teacher of all,
unlimited by time, space, or the existence or non-existence of

He describes the obstacles that might limit Meditation in or on
the abstract, as "Sickness, Inertia, Doubt, Carelessness
(indifference) Attachment to any or all objects of the physical
senses, Erroneous Perception ( Mayavically influenced), and a
failure to achieve any stage of Abstraction, and finally a
wavering Instability in any state when it is reached. To prevent
these impeding the meditation he says ONE TRUTH alone should be

And so on --- just a taste of the ideas P. details.

I think they have validity and have tested them.


<<<Is a single life adequate to learn all that can be known about
our environment, ourselves and our potential future?>>>

No, but a single life is all that is necessary for total
enlightenment and liberation providing we are willing to expend
the necessary effort.


DTB Yes in the final of the series of many lives there is
that final life in which everything is brought to a point.

It is described in the last few pages of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE
, and also by Sir Edwin Arnold in THE LIGHT OF ASIA, for the

<<<Who (or what) runs the world and our Universe? Are we
privileged to inquire into that ?>>>

We do. Inquiry into ourselves is the same thing.

<<<What are the limits of Space?>>>

Our space is limited to our 7-plane solar system. Space and
Motion come into manifestation together and they exist
conditionally together.

<<<What are the ultimate divisions of Time?>>>

Time is Motion and its divisions are infinite.

<<<Is eternity a fact or just a "very long time?">>>

It is a fact that eternity is a very long time. Somewhere HPB
tells us that "eternity" is the length of a manvantara, but I
can't recall where.

<<<How is Consciousness to be defined?>>>

No one has yet been able to do this. I can't either.

<<<Is Universal Brotherhood a fact in nature or only a wispy

It is a lofty goal on the lower planes, and an established fact
on the higher planes.

<<<Why study other religions and sciences?>>>

In order to learn something, to decrease our ignorance, to avoid

<<<Where is the research of human endeavor recorded?>>>

All research is observation, and all observation is subjective. A
lot of researched observation can be found in our local library.

<<<Who keeps those records?>>>

Observers. Libraries.

Jerry S.


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