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Re: Theos-World Criticism

Feb 06, 2002 04:41 PM
by Bill Meredith

Thanks John for a thought provoking post. I find it impossible to reduce
such a faith to mere words. Yes, we try again and again, but I wonder how
much faith it will take before we stop trying to validate faith with talk.

The questions you ask below get to the heart of the matter for me. I
thank you for them.

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> Jerry,
> In reading the posts I see words such as "Belief," "Believe,"
> used
> determinate to governance of behaviors of people. In my
observation of
> life these are most often connected to an intimate internal
> of
> "possession" as in "I own this object." One might ask "what
> that idea?". Buddhism holds all is impermanent and transient. The
> Adwaita
> similarly. For the Christian Paul states "We all Strive IN Christ."
> do think
> myself that the simple usage of the 3 above mentioned words reflect
> the
> rationalization and computational production of the conditioned
> patterned
> mind. I advance the proposal that it is at least a possibility that
> "Faith"
> can as the Gnostic believed be based upon the direct personal 1st
> person
> experience of the noumenal and other states of consciousness and
> when experienced thusly (without the resort to drugs or any other
> modification
> through synthetic means) "Faith" of a more relevant form is
> by such
> event. Were one to have this occurrence then what their "Belief "
> and what they
> "Believe" is transformed not by subscription to a text or a leader
> figure. In truth
> there is no comparison one to the other. the one type is without
> direct experience
> and the other is predicated upon direct experience. My perspective
> H.P.B. is
> along the lines of the direct experience type which in my reading
> implies.
> Blaming the infinite origination's of billions of empirical
> individuation's all who
> produce the examined results using the single solitary universal
> denominator of conditioned patterned mind wastes much time and
> To
> me at least it is missing the target. What is doing that? Why is it
> dominant?
> Why can't it stop? Who is really in charge? What produced that need?
> do things change? What responds to the perceived attack? And what is
> defending in terms of survival?
> To me it has been with us all for most of the Earth journey
> Patanjali was right
> in my personal estimation, but then he saw it, so did Buddha and all
> the other
> exemplars that mankind look up to for the ideal of potential. The
> governing
> monitoring question is when will mankind self cognize? Perhaps there
> at
> the possibility that some here to fore unacknowledged senior "Law"
> operative at the scale of Mankind's Dynamic Consciousness as a
> and
> as in so many other activities we will see the "Bell Curve" found as
> pertains
> to how consciousness itself progresses, distributed and governed so
> to
> maintain the "Economy of Being of Consciousness of the World" as a
> Dynamic Scale.
> John
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