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Re: Theos-World Criticism

Feb 06, 2002 03:46 PM
by samblo

In reading the posts I see words such as "Belief," "Believe," Faith 
determinate to governance of behaviors of people. In my observation of
life these are most often connected to an intimate internal ideation 
"possession" as in "I own this object." One might ask "what originates
that idea?". Buddhism holds all is impermanent and transient. The 
similarly. For the Christian Paul states "We all Strive IN Christ." I 
do think
myself that the simple usage of the 3 above mentioned words reflect 
rationalization and computational production of the conditioned 
mind. I advance the proposal that it is at least a possibility that 
can as the Gnostic believed be based upon the direct personal 1st 
experience of the noumenal and other states of consciousness and that 
when experienced thusly (without the resort to drugs or any other 
through synthetic means) "Faith" of a more relevant form is produced 
by such
event. Were one to have this occurrence then what their "Belief " is 
and what they
"Believe" is transformed not by subscription to a text or a leader 
figure. In truth
there is no comparison one to the other. the one type is without 
direct experience
and the other is predicated upon direct experience. My perspective of 
H.P.B. is 
along the lines of the direct experience type which in my reading she 

Blaming the infinite origination's of billions of empirical 
individuation's all who
produce the examined results using the single solitary universal common 
denominator of conditioned patterned mind wastes much time and energy. 
me at least it is missing the target. What is doing that? Why is it 
Why can't it stop? Who is really in charge? What produced that need? Why
do things change? What responds to the perceived attack? And what is it 
defending in terms of survival?

To me it has been with us all for most of the Earth journey 
Patanjali was right 
in my personal estimation, but then he saw it, so did Buddha and all 
the other
exemplars that mankind look up to for the ideal of potential. The 
monitoring question is when will mankind self cognize? Perhaps there is 
the possibility that some here to fore unacknowledged senior "Law" is 
operative at the scale of Mankind's Dynamic Consciousness as a whole, 
as in so many other activities we will see the "Bell Curve" found as 
to how consciousness itself progresses, distributed and governed so as 
maintain the "Economy of Being of Consciousness of the World" as a 
Dynamic Scale. 


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