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Re: Theos-World RE: HPB says... !??

Feb 06, 2002 10:19 AM
by Morten Sufilight

HI Jerry and all of you,

Thanks for the below.
Yes "belief" is important.

But, I think "connfidence" also is important. Without confidence - no satisfaction - with no satisfaction then neither no understanding or compassion - and then no enlightenment.

One ought be confident, that LIFE as such has a real purpose - a meaning.
And that that meaning is wise, -- that must be a fact. Ignorance is stupid.Knowledge is good. Let us seek knowledge - and wisdom, (and well accordingto some - if possible). Life is an experience - we constantly accumulate knowledge - in our lifes.  

With a life as such having a purpose, then - God - ParaBrahman (Neti, Neti)seems obviously a possible 'existing' candidate of importance.
God - ParaBrahman (Neti, Neti) is - defined - to be knowing all and everything.
A true extreme unexplicable Master of knowledge. 

Blaise Pascal the scientist - said once somthing like: "I don't know if Godis. But if God really is, then it is best to be on God's side. So I betterfollow good manners - and take care."

The TRUTH is always shown everywhere in this universe.
Without TRUTH - there would not be a universe. Without TRUTH there would beno knowledge - and no history. (Do you readers understand that ?)
As Carlyle says: "No lie can live forever".

What is TRUTH ? 
ParaBrahman - God is TRUTH !!! (as a definition).
The word "definition" one can look up in a dictionary if necessary.

So what is Truth ? and historical truth ?
Truth is knowledge. That is LIFE. That is ParaBrahman etc..

This is the truth and nothing but the truth - so help me....

Ignorance is sometimes to say something like : I don't get the above - I like to disagree on the above - I like to boost my self by answering on this in an email.

It is all a process, where we go from ignorance to knowledge to truth to being enlightened totally - to be a true and real AVATAR - a real CHRIST, KIDHR etc.

Either you agree or you disagree or..?. But we will certainly learn !

Sufilight with a little five letter word... and QLB.

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> <<< 1. > : The difficulty of giving one the Wisdom Religion is dealt with by H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine as follows: ...>>>
> All very good points, Morten. 
> <<< H. P. B. says:
> "I speak with 'absolute certainty' only so far as my own personal belief is concerned. Those who have not the same warrant for their belief as I have would be very credulous and foolish to accept it on blind faith... What Ido believe in is: 
> The unbroken oral tradition revealed by living divine men during the infancy of mankind to the elect among men. That it has reached us unaltered. 
> That the Masters are thoroughly versed in the science based on such uninterrupted teaching." - Lucifer, Vol. V, p. 157. >>>>>
> The above quote is exactly on the topic recently under so much discussion by our fellow historians. It pretty much summarizes the Theosophical position as to the ancientness of the teachings. However, everyone really does need to note HPB's use of "belief" and "believe" in the above quote because, as I have been saying, faith is necessary in order to believe in any kindof an "uninterrupted teachings" - there is simply no proof for or against.
> Jerry S. 
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