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Re: Theos-World sending files on theos-talk

Feb 04, 2002 03:52 PM
by leonmaurer


You might receive a file full of false information or anti-theosophical 
propaganda... To post it on a web page or site associated with Theosophy 
World would give it credibility by appearing to sanction its unedited 

The three alternatives originally suggested seem to be enough, and would 
relieve you of the responsibility for the content of whatever information 
might be forwarded to the group by unknown members of (an unmoderated forum 
such as) theos-talk -- leaving the burden of proving credibility on the 
individual sender. 

The first alternative will take care of the virus problem, since only those 
requesting it would be concerned -- and, I'm sure "a word to the wise" (about 
handling unsolicited downloads) will be sufficient.


In a message dated 02/04/02 4:20:45 PM, writes:

>At 01:52 AM 1/30/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>I would be interested in reading about it. Might even be consistent with 
or can
>>add to my ABC holographic field theory of Cosmogenesis (and Anthropogenesis)
>>which scientifically or logically interprets the theosophical principles and
>>teachings in non mystical terms.
>>But you can't send an attached file through Yahoo groups... So, why not 
>>(1) offer it in a personal e-mail (as an MS Word file attachment) to each
>>individual reader who asks for a copy -- 
>>(2) post it on a web site and send us the URL -- or
>>(3) save the file in plain text and dump it into an e-mail that goes out to
>>the group through Yahoo? (If it's too long, you can split it into short 
>>in several postings.)
>The other option is to send me a copy of the file,
>mention that it's for theos-talk, and I'll put in
>online and post the URL.
>The reason that email attachments are disabled on
>theos-talk is to prevent the spread of viruses. Not
>everyone has the proper anti-virus protection.

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