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Re: Theos-World Re: HPB, the Masters, and drugs.

Feb 03, 2002 10:26 PM
by adelasie

According to accepted usages concerning scholarly citations of 
material quoted from various sources, authors, titles, dates, page 
numbers, name of publisher, and other such references are 
provided, so that anyone reading the quotes may look them up for 
himself. I wonder if it might be possible to make this a custom on 
this list too. I don't know of any serious scholarly research work 
where statements are attributed to speakers or writers without this 
kind of information being provided. 

For instance:

> In an interview with the "New York World",April 2, 1877,"Why a 
> Russian Countess Firmly Believes in Magic," Blavatsky later stated
> publicly that "the chief of the gurus showed me things wich I
> demonstrated to be truth. For instance he made me look at a bright tin
> plate and fix my toughts on something I wished to see."He made passes
> over her and made her drink a potion "the ingredients of wich I know
> but will not tell"

Evidently this refers to an article in a newspaper written by a 
reporter who interviewed HPB. Who wrote this? Where can one find 
> In "Erroneous Ideas Concerning the Doctrines of the 
> Theosophists,"published in 1879, she declared that proof of doctrine
> of conditional immortality was only given the neophyte "durring the
> Great Mysteries, when a sacred beverage enabled him to leave his body
> and, soaring in the infinity of worlds, observe and look for himself."

Is this an article published separately, or under what title is it to be 
> Blavatsky writes; "The women of Thessaly and Epirus, the female 
> heirophants of the rites of Sabazius, did not carry their secrets away
> with the downfall of their sanctuaries. They are still preserved, and
> those who are aware of the nature of soma (a plant whose juices induce
> a hypnotic trance-like state) know the properties of other plants as
> well." ( Isis Unveiled)

On what page, in which chapter, which volume of Isis Unveiled?
> Related to this in Blavatsky's schema was the sacred "Sleep of *** "
> an obvious reference to the Sleep of Sialam, a term used by
> P.B.Randolph in his Rosicrucian novel Ravalette (1863) for the
> highest, drug induced vision state. It was taken up in Isis Unveiled
> where it relates to a drug- induced, prophetic "sublime lethargy" in
> wich the uncounscious subject is made the "temporary receptacle of the
> brightness of the immortal Augoeides."

On what page, in which chapter, which volume of Isis Unveiled?


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