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RE: Propaganda

Dec 21, 2001 05:28 PM
by dalval14

Friday, December 21, 2001

Dear Friends:

Instead of being a "partisan," why not study what H P B brought
for us to look at?

Are we students of THEOSOPHY, or what ?

What are these lists and these exchanges for? To discover and
discuss it or to discuss unprovable allegations? I think not.

What She was, or did, as a person, is irrelevant. That's Her
Karma, and we can well leave the universal justice of Karma to
decide how to deal with it. Are we offering ourselves up as
meddlers, or as scapegoats for Her? Are we offering to assume
her Karma? Are we saying that Theosophy is untrue and dangerous?
If so: To Whom ?

Let's study what she taught? Was it nonsense?

Or does it make so much sense that people are disturbed by it?
if so, then: Why?

Let's start asking that from each other. What does THEOSOPHY
explain that some would rather not hear? Does it make any sense
? Do we know theosophy so well we can disprove it ?

On the other hand, I have a great distaste for those who allow
themselves to say things against other persons (as persons --
their character) and especially the "dead," who cannot (or will
not) defend themselves. I don't care who it is. There ought to
be a wide separation between the person and the teaching or
opinions that the have offered.

I can find no good ethical, moral, or common-sense basis to
defend the purveying of rumors and unclear and unsupported
stories against other people, living or dead. That is gossip.
And gossip is not what I would call "spiritual", or morally
elevating reading -- or, am I mistaken?

All this is time-waste. It is quite pointless, so let's get

Lets study THEOSOPHY. Lets ask each other questions about things
we don't understand.



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Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 8:37 AM
Subject: Propaganda

All propaganda, religious or secular, is generally built on a
narrow factual base.>>>

Try these two:

Propaganda Statement 1: Blavatsky was a liar, a cheat, and a
charlatan, and so nothing that she wrote is true.

Propaganda Statement 2: Blavatsky was an Adept send by the White
Lodge to help mankind and so everything that she wrote is gospel.

Both of these are propaganda used to support an extreme view.
Neither are true.

J S.
DTB	PROPAGANDA? That ceases once a reader or a listener becomes
a student. Then the responsibility becomes personal to them to
learn and to find out if that which is offered has any modicum of
truth. Knowledge gives power. Ignorance is confusion.

In the Dictionary "PROPAGANDA" is related to PROPAGATE -- an
individual or group effort to spread doctrines or information, to
disseminate a plan or a system of cause to
spread, to transmit, to carry forward, -- I see nothing
derogatory in this.

I MUST BE VERY DENSE: what is factual about these two areas of
speculation ?
Where has H P B or the Masters of Wisdom said that her writings
are to be considered "gospel."
Somebody is really exaggerating. But it would be a very good idea
to learn exactly what THEOSOPHY does deal with. We can then
proceed from there.
The alternative is to proceed on the basis of inexact knowledge .
Then things can go wild indeed.

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