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RE: [bn-basic] Re: What is Theosophy?

Dec 04, 2001 11:56 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Dear Gopi:

As I read and understand Theosophy, evil is the deliberate
breaking of the LAWS OF NATURE. Whereas good is cooperating with

Man is assumed to contain a full set of the Universal Principles
(individualised in him) Hence he is always aware of the LAWS OF
NATURE through Buddhi -- the VOICE OF CONSCIENCE.

If Gandhi resorted to deliberate fasting because others refused
to listen to their VOICE OF THE SILENCE OF CONSCIENCE ( or if
Christ allowed his BODY to be crucified) it is because he wanted
individuals to awaken to the universal fact that WE ALL KNOW THE
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EVIL AND GOOD, but because of the present
overpowering influence of EVIL it is difficult for most of us to
determine to be GOOD. We would have to revolutionize our lives,
if we determined to live like Gandhi, or Christ lived. Could we,
without great practice, and enormous WILL-POWER do this ?

As Theosophy views this, no one individual is "superior" to
another. But each one of us has the inner power to act to the
highest and best of the UNIVERSAL scale of virtues (Paramitas)
which we always know innately. [ One might illustrate this with
the universal example of any liar or thief, who deliberately
hides his deceit and, using hypocrisy, pretends to be in the face
of the public, a pillar of virtue. ]

None of us are that ignorant, but we are very selfish, usually.
And very few have the strength to publicly admit their

Best wishes,



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Just a few comments:

No one knows that he/she is evil. if one knows he/she is evil one
not be. So, where is evil? May be in me, obviously I would not
May be that is the reason why Gandhi went on fasting for the
against evil, may be that is the reason why Jesus went up on the

So, only when I carry my Cross and go on it that is when the Evil
truly faced!


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