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Re: Theos-World Re: Vision, Thought and Intuition

Nov 29, 2001 02:54 AM
by Alan Williams

Dear Paul
Wednesday, 28 November, 2001, you wrote:
> "If HPB's statements about the Masters weren't all true,
> then her statements on other things might not be all true-- and we 
> can't have that, can we? Our primary objective is to maintain the 
> position that everything HPB said was true, and if we start asking 
> the wrong questions, delving into the wrong sources, then we might be 
> led astray into doubt."
Are the above the words you wish to put in my mouth?

I do not know what you mean by "wrong questions/sources"

But HPB herself maintained their is only one truth. Whenever you have
a situation as in many areas of science today where different factions
draw different conclusions from the same premises, there is no truth.
Of course everyone believes himself to have the truth. There is great
fondness for the idea that truth is relative. It allows us to hold
different opinions on subjects than our fellows and also to believe
ours to be the real truth.

> As if to say "doubt is bad, avoid it at all costs?"
As far as I recall I never said anything about doubt is bad, more
false imputations. Nor did I say inquiry was bad.

What I wrote was probably quite wishy washy to all the high-falutin
inquiring minds that hang out here and who like to wrap themselves in
double-helix spirals - towering intellectualizations - huge apartment
blocks of compartmentalizations. Infinite complexities, staggering
logic and petty nitpicking.

Actually they love the argument more than anything else. They live for
the intellectual battle, the ripping down of lesser edifices.

Fine by me, whatever floats their boat.

But in my humble opinion they contribute very little, if anything, to
the spirit of Theosophy, they're all too busy fighting over its

Best regards,

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