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Re: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

Nov 28, 2001 05:42 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Brigittte, you name me "krank" which means something like mental ill, but
you address only my lower self, so it concerns me not so much.
Better you remain serious and FAKE NOT arguments etc.
I never wrote that the Nazis had a UFO basis on Mars etc.
You know that very well. Swindle and lie are things you seem familiar with.
What I wrote was that according to the serious Gestapo Müller archives in US
National archives (811 micro films of the German government papers, done on
orders of Hitler in 1945 before he disappeared, which he planned since 1941)
of which Gregory Douglas has launched a book series give serious first hand
information that the Rundflugzeuge (RFZ or UFOs) are not coming from outer
space but rather from Germany.

Had you any basic knowledge on Hitler as your homepage makes believe you
would know that Werner Maser and all other serious researchers admit that
the corpse of Hitler was never found and that Moscow has only the head of a
double (Hitler had 3 doubles) and that all major intelligences searched for
him until the last third of the last century.

You should better comment only things which you know. When you have studied
the microfilms or at least Mr Douglas' books then your comment has perhaps
any weight. Until then it's just bla bla. Perhaps you are concerned because
you didn't find this info in your local paper?

I wonder why you have such problems to discriminate true things from fakes.
HPB was a liar to you and the ML of course fakes. The Müller archives is a
fake too. But was the SJ says is the truth to you and of course your very
questionable sources as Hermann Rauschning etc. when you TRY to proof that
Hitler has had anything to do with Theosophy or that Theosophy teaches
racism (according your twisted view).
Until now you have presented not one hard fact to your absurde assertions.

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Subject: Theos-World Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA?

> nos: "Why was Hitler alive in 1948 in the USA? Please be specific."
> Brigitte: I am not to familiar with the USA episode, but there is
> modern day Ariosophical litterature (for example books by von
> Helsing and many others, including as it seems leading theosophist
> Krank Reitemyer) claiming the Nazis had an UFO basis on Mars and
> afther (and you might be right nos, according to what is claimed he
> might have toured the world a bit before that) they wiskerred Hitler
> up there he left with a Nazi UFO fleet to a far away star system
> outside our solar system called Aldebaran , where as insiders (Frank
> Reitemeyer ?) will know, they have this Nazi friendly colony of demi -
> gods where it considerred an absolute fact that he (Hitler) still
> looking as young as that time, is now underway with a large UFO fleet
> ready to establish the fourth reich on earth. Just reminds a lot of
> the Master myth isn't it ?
> Brigitte
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