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Re: Theos-World Interview with Brendan French PhD part I

Nov 28, 2001 12:16 PM
by gregory

Readers should be aware that, as with everything by Dr French peddled by 
Muhlegger, this interview is published without his permission, in 
defiance of his explicit and written directions that it not be published, 
and in violation of his copyright. It was not originally done as a 
traditional interview: questions were submitted by e-mail and he replied 
via e-mail on the basis of an explicit statement by Muhlegger (for what 
such might be worth - although I have seen the text) that he would 
receive a draft for approval, and that nothing would be published without 
his explicit approval and permission. He did not receive any draft, did 
not give any approval or permission, and, when he became aware that an 
unapproved draft had been published, directed that it be removed.

It is probably not insignificant that this interview appeared on this 
site immediately after Yahoo took action against the site to which (round 
three!) Muhlegger had moved the stolen and/or plagiarized material after 
legal action had closed down the former Lycos site.

Muhlegger has also published more stolen French material which she 
plagiarizes his work in various of her postings on this site.

I note that "use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to"; and that those terms preclude 
copyright violation. 

In response to the question of whether the thesis is available for 
purchase (e.g. on disk), Dr French has told me that he had previously 
intended to make it available to scholars in the field (even prior to 
publication in book form), and, indeed has received numerous requests for 
it. His experience with Muhlegger has led him to conclude that such 
scholarly collegiality and cooperation (which he and I both assumed to be 
normal practice) is now unwise. Those who wish to legitimately obtain the 
material will thus have to await the publication of the book.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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