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A Starting Place: Hoku, I recommend two good books.

Nov 26, 2001 12:07 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Hoku, you wrote:

> I've been reading the posts and following the links provided, but 
> I am very new to Theosophy I can't seem to wrap my mind around most 
> of it and would like to ask for some guidance from the group as to 
> where is the best place to begin. There are so many books on the 
> subject but one can't read all of them at once and I do believe in 
> order to be able to comprehend fully everything there must be a 
> preferred starting place. . . . So, please, if one of you would 
kindly suggest a few good 
> books to get me rolling I would be most appreciative. Perhaps a 
> good "glossary" would be in order as well, as some of the terms 
> read here are quite unfamiliar to me. 


There are probably many ways to achieve what you are trying to do. 
But I would suggest that you read the following two books. I 
highly recommend them to anyone who wants to understand Theosophy as 
given in the writings of Madame Blavatsky. If you do not live in the 
United States, let me know and I will try to find out how you can 
order them. Otherwise, the ordering information is also below.

*******Book #1
by William Doss McDavid
Theosophical Society, Wheaton, Illinois
This is a concise and detailed presentation of some basic concepts of 
the Wisdom Tradition as set forth by H. P. Blavatsky, contrasting 
alternative presentations by later generations. 
Contents: (1) Introduction: Schools of Esoteric Teaching. (2) First 
Principles. (3) Microcosm. (4) Evolution-The Law of Unfoldment. (5) 
Macrocosm. (6) The Scope of Planetary Evolution. (7) The Path of 
82 pages. $9.00, paper.

HOW TO ORDER: Order by phone from Theosophical Publishing House, 
Wheaton, Illinois. Call 1-800-669-9425. You can email them at:

*******Book #2
by Geoffrey A. Farthing 
This work presents the facts and overall content of the vast writings 
of H.P. Blavatsky. . . .From this outline of the Wisdom teaching, we 
learn of the various levels of operation in the cosmos, and in 
relation to humanity, makes clear that we reflect the universal 
pattern, postulating our ultimate perfectibility by stages. We are 
all rooted in the Divine and share the common universal life as 
members of a universal brotherhood which includes not only all 
humanity, but also the lesser evolved kingdoms of Nature. 
Paperback, 253 pages, $15.00 - $22.50 Hard cover 

HOW TO ORDER: Order by phone from Point Loma Publications. Call 1-
619-222-9609. Over the phone, they accept Visa and Mastercard credit 
cards. You can order by mail if you pay with a check, money order or 
credit card. The address is: Point Loma Publications, Post Office 
Box 6507, San Diego, CA 92166 Their Customer Service department can 
be reached by e-mail at: 

Hoku, if you need more assistance go to BLAVATSKY ARCHIVES at and click on the selection "Your 
Comments & Suggestions." Email us and we can give more information, 
etc. including the complete email addresses for the above publishers 
that don't show up on the Theos-Talk forum.

Hope this helps!


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