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Nov 26, 2001 12:04 PM
by wauxhail

Dear Bill,

Thank you very much for the guidance. I have signed up, and you are 
absolutely correct in that I wouldn't be able to get very far by just 
reading these messages (in fact, I think I'd be overwhelmed and 
actually get further behind). I perused the website and believe it 
is written in "layman" terms, so to speak, which will enable me to 
have a much better chance at fully understanding Theosophy. Yes, I 
realize it's up to me to absorb the information and internalize it, 
which is the plan I have set for myself. As I study, hopefully, I 
will be able to choose the right books to add to my library for my 
personal reference as I become more knowledgeable. The discussions 
here are amazingly intellectual, and are, unfortunately, way over my 
head. A lot of studying on my part, however, should enlighten me so 
that I am able to benefit from these discussions. Once again, thank 
you for kindly assisting me in getting started.


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