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Brigitte, I truly love your comments below!!!

Nov 26, 2001 09:10 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Brigitte you strangely write:

> Daniel (allegedly reponding to my mail below, wich he isn't):" If 
> Hiraf document [an article by HPB] and . . . [HPB's 
> book] Isis [Unveiled] mention India and some oriental terms, they 
> didn't have to be authentic Sout[h] Asian . . . or 
> have . . . 'oriental Masters' living in Tibet involved . . . ."
> Daniel here takes an old mail from me probably from Universal 
> Seekers, that in fact belongs in a chain of mails dealing ultimatly 
> with a discussion I was earlier having with Steve. It is Steve who 
> has been reffering to Southern Indian influences, not me. Plus what 
> does it have to do with my mail below ? Which Daniel still doesn't 
> answer to as a whole.

No Brigitte I was NOT taking "an old mail...from Universal Seekers" 
when I quoted the above statement supposedly from your pen. I am 
simply quoting from one of your own emails posted here on Theos-talk
yesterday! [Sun Nov 25, 2001 4:18 pm]

Your email from yesterday can be found at:

I assume you wrote this quote, right? Or did you forget to add 
quotation marks and to attribute it to the proper source?? :)

This quote by you sums up fairly well the basic ARGUMENT embodied in 
several of your emails on this particular subject. Therefore I 
thought it was fair to quote it and give some commentary on it. If 
you also forgot about my commentary it is at:

OBTW, Brigitte, you are really entertaining me by the lengths you 
will go to in order not to simply respond to any of my points. You 
are a gem!

Daniel H. Caldwell

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