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The Bodhisattva

Nov 26, 2001 09:05 AM
by Jerry S

Dallas, thank for the following interesting quote:

"The Bodhisattva is one whose "essence (sattva) has
become intelligence (bodhi);" those who need but one more
incarnation to become perfect Buddhas, i.e., to be entitled to
Nirvana. This, as applied to Manushi (terrestrial) Buddhas. In
the metaphysical sense, Bodhisattva is a title given to the sons
of the celestial Dhyani Buddhas." T. Glos., 59

These ideas in this quote are pure Blavatsky. Actually, bodhi means
enlightenment and sattva means being or person, so that a bodhisattva is
literally any enlightened person, although technically it is a title
given/earned by those on the Mahayana Path who have taken a vow to renounce
their own personal nirvana. There are 10 or 13 stages/levels (bhumis). A
Bodhisattva who has only one more life before becoming a Buddha is one who
is already on the highest level (the 10th or 13th bhumi).

In the same way, bodhicitta is literally "mind of enlightenment" or
"enlightened mind" although other translations/interpretations of this
important word exist, such as compassion in sutra literature and semen in
tantric literature.

Jerry S.

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