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Re: Theos-World Re: The genesis of the Master Letters.

Nov 26, 2001 07:52 AM
by Steve Stubbs

> This may all be gospel truth but Brigitte does NOT
> give her sources 
> for these tidbits of information. How does she know
> that Blavatsky 
> used "the same kind of cabinet" as the Davenport's. 

The Shrine at Adyar was a cabinet of the type used by
the Davenports. That is one of the problems eith the
Hodgson report. He insists that Blavatsky deposited
items in the back of the shrine through a trap door
which according to witnesses can never have been ised,
and through a hole in the wall which was uncompleted
with Alexis Coulomg was banished from the compound. 
The shrine was enshrouded with curtains which would
have made it easy for anyone to deposit anything in it
without the need for trap doors or holes in the wall. 
I am not doing a PJ and calling the whole thing a
fraud, but it is silly to insist that a trap door and
a lot of ruined masonry would have been required to
produce these miracles fraudulently. Since they were
never proved to be frauds, and since the conditions
under which they were produced were such as to make
them meaningless as evidence, we would have to put
them in the category of Theosophical miracles which
have no evidential value, but are charming stories.


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