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Nov 24, 2001 05:34 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Dear Friends:

If we are to discuss Fundamentals, then, how about some
fundamental Ideas ? Will these do for starters ?

Best wishes,



The UNIVERSE is ONE. It is ALL. We seek to understand what is
already embodied in IT (Nature). Is it symbolized by Space,
Motion and Duration all taken in the abstract?

I say : Abstract, as ideas -- since if we concretize them we
apply limits relative to our present waking consciousness -- and
then we would have to ask: What is outside, beyond, or before
them? do they have causes? What is their Source? What is our
situation for? How will it end?

Science studies Nature. I assume we all agree that NATURE has
established our environment, and that our physical bodies, and
present state of waking consciousness, are compatible with that.

MANIFESTATION or "Manvantara" is periodical. Surely this is not
the first time that Manifestation has occurred? If so, then
there is a link of some kind to the past and the future ?

KARMA is the Great LAW whereby all periods of Evolution and Rest
succeed each other in limited TIME. Are we not to assume that
Karma is eternal, and brings back into relationship all the
components of past relationships? If nature is alive, and if
there is an electro-magnetic linkage between atoms, molecules,
cells, crystals, plants, elements, animals, humans, and graduate
humans, then would not the term "Karma" cover that -- leaving
details for analysis.

Manifestation requires CONTRAST. Light is seen because of
darkness. Motion is seen because of stability. And so on.
There are "pairs of opposites" everywhere. But is there not also
implicit therein a median position of OBSERVER or WITNESS
( Mind ), which is neutral and perceives the opposites and their
interaction ?

Can we say: "SPIRIT" and "MATTER" are two poles of such a

Can we also say: these two are united by CONSCIOUSNESS -
awareness - intelligence - MIND. It sees "both sides," but is
not affected by either.

The THREE FUNDAMENTALS ( S D I 14 - 19 ) give us a view of the
basis of all things And of the causes of manifestation and
evolution. Should we not learn to use them in all questions ?

The MONAD is technically, a word used in The SECRET DOCTRINE in
two ways. First there is the ABSOLUTE -- out of any relation
with the manifested -- hence it is indissoluble and
indescribable. Second: the manifested PRIMAL MONAD which is
UNIVERSAL and ETERNAL for that Manvantara. May it no then be
considered as the universal and highest aspect of this: A MONAD
which in manifestation is a duality: ATMA-BUDDHI (SPIRIT-Wisdom,
in indissoluble combination)?

If, with this is associated Manas, the MIND does this duality
become, in effect, a TRINITY? This has been named the
INDIVIDUALITY, the Spiritual Man. [Atma-Buddhi-Manas]

Every "BEING", be it "small" or "large," enshrines these two
contrasting and universal "poles" of life and form. And
invariably acts as a third, the intelligence within itself. This
is the Eternal Triad.

No "being" can ever be destroyed. Bodies may "die" and
disintegrate, but the inherent Intelligence persists. This is

Every BEING, whether an atom, a "man-mind" or a Galaxy manifests
a degree of awareness and consciousness, dependant for its
quality and character on its experience.

SELF-AWARENESS or CONSCIOUSNESS notes all the many degrees of
interaction between Spirit and Matter, but is it not also
independent ?

Beings, becoming self-conscious, develop their own record of
experience (or may we call it a "degree" of evolution ?). They
aggregate with others (the whole under Karma) which are also
developing. Thus there are "advanced" Monads and "Monads of
lesser experience." (SECRET DOCTRINE I 619, 632-34.) All
emanate originally from the "Monadic Essence."

Can we say: An aggregation of forms (Monads) of lesser
experience become the vehicle, or dwelling place for a more
advanced Intelligence who has assumed (under karma) the
responsibility in assisting the development of each unit ?

Harmony and cooperation permit disparate beings to join together
for the benefit of the Whole. Can we say then, that the Universe
is a harmony of many different, even discordant, Units ?

Each such aggregation becomes as a group a UNITY on one or more
of the planes of learning experience. Thus Man's "body" is
formed over aeons by hosts of cooperating and interacting
intelligences (of a lower degree of experience) : sub-atoms,
atoms, molecules, cells, structures and organs, nerve material,
etc... and the whole is coordinated by an invisible internal
Intelligence that exhibits externally a variety of vital and
motivational aspects ?

The natural relationship of a Man-Mind to these many willing
assistants is as a Teacher to a school consisting of several
classes of pupils, each group at some different level of advance

If LAW is universal, immutable and impartial, it therefore must
be even-handed, just and merciful. No praise, prayer or petition
can ever turn aside the effect that follows any cause. Can we
say this is the source for the Voice of Conscience" that warns us
before we make an error of judgment?

May we not say: The GOAL of all evolution is for every
intelligent "part" to acquire eventually a perfect knowledge of
ALL, and in doing so, develops the capability of rejoining that
All at will ?

If so, then any "perfected" Ego might elect to remain as a
"tutor" or "instructor" in any realm or level of Nature where
such assistance is needed ?

Evolution is achieved by cyclic reembodiment and reincarnation.
Each advance in consciousness and intelligence requires a vehicle
of corresponding refinement, capable of accepting such an
embodiment. [ Gayatri -- as an example of this. ]

Hermes taught: "A stone becomes a plant, then an animal, then a
man, and then a "god." Never has any being fallen backwards in
its evolution."

Life is a School.

Can e say: The "enemy" of man's progress are his unregulated
desires and wants?

Desires and wants are not in themselves "evil." They are the
result of the evolution of the animal nature. Now it becomes
associated with a Mind Being, and the results of its emotions and
desires become subject to study so that their potential results
can be anticipated and channeled into valuable patters of growth
and cooperative evolution.

Thought overcomes all limitations or difficulties.

Meditation is will-thought (active, not passive).

Man shares in every aspect of the Universe without exception.

The "Laws" of the Universe are "sanctified common-sense."

All that any one can do is the best that he can under any

"To dare. To will. To act. And, to remain silent." -- Motto
of the Adept.

Humanity is capable of infinite perfectibility both in time and

Compassion (love) is the highest active attribute of the aspirant
to such perfection. It is cooperation. It is assistance to
one's brother-pupils. It is help offered when needed to any one
who presents himself under karma to the aspirant. One's "duty"
always lies "at hand."

Each man-mind is his own judge, and his own executioner. Nothing
is left to "chance" or to "favor." All is under LAW.

The true orbit of man's being is ETERNITY !

Emotionalism is not philosophy or a love of Truth.

The real test is not courage, but, DISCRIMINATION.

There are three things that are "certainties:"

1.	I exist.
2.	The Universe around me exists.
3.	There is a constant relationship between me and
all beings in the Universe.

The whole Universe is alive, conscious, intelligent. Man studies

Best wishes,



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