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RE: [bn-study] Re: memorable quotes

Nov 24, 2001 03:15 AM
by dalval14

Friday, November 23, 2001
Dear Peter, MG and Friends:--
Excuse me if I am interrupting, or breaking in----
I did not intend to be mysterious or to say in any way that the “Masters of Wisdom” do not exist.
 I am quite convinced they do, and that They are present (though perhaps invisible to us, and that They work constantly.  The effect of their presence and work can be observed in many ways.  I believe the presentation of theosophy and the impact that it has had in many ways on man’s thought in the world is indicative of this.
The SECRET DOCTRINE states there are many grades and levels of Men (Minds) that have passed out of our “level” of evolution and that does not mean “Ascended” -- which is a phrase or an attribute that to some may place Them outside of reach.  One wonders who and how such an appellation was attached.  I do not find that H P B did that.  That is why I asked.
I am also aware that we all have a “Master: within.  It is ourown HIGHER SELF  ATMA.  If we are to secure its help we have to so purify our lower nature that we do not keep Them at a distance.
The “Masters” that are active in evolution, says The SECRETDOCTRINE Vol. I, are those who are active in assisting Nature and in guiding certain of her processes.  They are INVOLVED and not “ascended.”  I do not mean that the phrase cannot be used to indicate reverence paid to Great Teachers who keep the Perennial Philosophy alive and present before mankind. 
I would also say that in our own seven-fold constitution we have a continual “battle” proceeding between the principles of “Kama” or passions and desires, and that of “Buddhi” or wisdom, where knowledge of facts and truths in Nature and in ourselves isdirected by Moral rectitude -- which could be simply voiced as “Universal Brotherhood.”
Any out-reach that a student may make to others or to any one is of the nature of an offer of sharing in such knowledge and experience they may have.  It is also of the nature of securing verification from such others as to their own parallel or divergent observations.
I do trust this clarifies anything I left unsaid in my earlier message.
Thanks for your kind offer.  I always have enjoyed your suggestions.
Best wishes,
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From: sa3880 
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 6:36 AM
Subject: Re: memorable quotes
>From Peter S---H---s, 
I feel very strongly your need for the answers to your questions. Unfortunately you will not get any true answer by calling out to others. The answerswill only come to you with certainty through meditation and your way of life. When you are ready your Master will come and guide you to the answers that you need. However this will only happen as a result of intense study and meditation and this could take a very long time, but there will come a time when the answers clearly emerge from the mists of your mind and your excitement will be shared with many fellow travellers.
Please keep searching, You have many fellow travellers who all wish you well.
Kind regard

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