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Re: space and time

Nov 24, 2001 00:56 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Steve,

The strange thing is - I feel I know for a fact that atma,
or absolute consciousness, or something is outside space in
time - as in: space and time are absolutely irrelevant to
atma. But my mind can't make heads or tails of it. Seems
your reasoning is about the same. As in Atma (both
absolutely conscious and absolutely unconscious) is
unconscious of space and time? Anyhow - the essential unity
is *larger* than space and time - or infinitely smaller. 
This really goes beyond words, doesn't it?

> From: Steve Stubbs <>
> Subject: Re: Re: My Views - to Brigitte
> Hi, Katinka:
> Space and time are products of consciousness, as Kant
> demonstrated. If atma is unconscious, then it is
> outside space and time, without any division in the
> eseential unity of things.
> Steve
> --- Katinka Hesselink <>
> wrote:
> > Hi Jerry,
> > 
> > Thanks a lot for that. I think it is the clearest
> > explanation of how you see things that I've read so
> > far.
> > Seems to me you propose a fundamental dichotimy
> > here.
> > Something inside space and time (the physical world,
> > among
> > other things), and something outside it: atma. How
> > do you
> > combine that with the essential unity of everything?
> > 
> > Katinka

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