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Theosophy in Art : Part 1 - Music

Nov 18, 2001 05:30 PM
by nos

I'd like to begin a series - and feel free to contribute your own - on
Theosophy - or more precisely the Gnostic vision - with William Blake as
my prime example (the vision of Christ that thou dost see, etc) - in
Art. I know there are a few visual artists on the list who have
discussed various artists works and a brief attempt was made with music.
A lot of contemporary music artists express the Gnostic vision in their
music. In Part 1 I'd like to share with you some lyrics from a UK/world
band called Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart. Although they have
released numerous works their finest is without doubt the 1994 release
of 'Take me to God'. Jah Wobble is the driving force behind the group
and the list of additional musicians and contributors is enormous -
including Dolores O'riordan from the Cranberries and a host of North
African and Middle Eastern musicians. 

The album opens with the dynamic tribal drums of jaki Liebezeit and the
hypnotic vocals of Andrea Oliver on the track 'God in the Beginning' -

The candles burn all through the night
I can see the future sweet second sight
I come alive with moon rise
In music and love I specialise
(go deep in a trance)
I've been singing this song for eternity
'Cause I am the music and the music is me
Look deep in the music look deep in my eyes
Everything I touch I mesmerise

Cool winds blow lovers moan
Old man plays an old trombone
The night lasts forever
And you're so cute and I'm so clever

Stealing hearts that's my job
I'll mop your brow as you quietly sob
Though this might seem a trifle odd
If you just don't try you might see god

The second track 'Becoming more like God' slowly mixes in seamlessly
until the frenzy of drums gives way to rising synth swells - light is
dawning -

I've just remembered who I am
More than just a long lost anagram
I've just remembered who I am
Slightly more than just a woman or a man

Becoming more like god - becoming god

I've just seen who you really are
Impossibly funicular
I've just seen who you really are
An astonishingly accomplished avatar

Man has incarnated out of desire for the woman - Love as vritni in
chetna - the trance states dissolves reality has returned - but peace
and love prevail - the Next 3 tracks - Whisky priests, Amor and Amor Dub
- are slow love songs before again we return to philosophical - TAKE ME

It's good to be home again
This is where I belong
Right back where I started from
(dreaming of blue pearls take me to another world)
(dreaming of blue pearls take me to the dancing girls)
Find a way inside
You must find a way inside
Take me to God

The reluctant King claims his crown
I come by way of Constantinople
I'd like you to meet yourself
I hope you both get along
Drink the nectar
Bathe in the water
Burn in the fire
Lie in the earth
Breathe in the Air

I won't be returning


Cycles continue and the beatific gives way to morose and sombre, the
gothic take on eternity, depression - long instrumental pieces before
-'The Sun Does Rise; - sung by Sinead O'Connor - the chorus 'The sun
does rise in the eastern sky' an obvious tip o' the hat to the source of
the esoteric doctrine, then another love song

- When the Storm comes

Wait until the storm comes
Out here in Oblivion
Wait Until the Storm comes
Make it as pure as platinum
When I look in your eyes
I see the whole world
I feel like I'm falling 
In love with the world again


But the day is ending - the nightclub is calling again - the dance , the
trance - 


And now the buildings change, now the people change
Everything changing, spirit and matter most apparent
Realised there never was anything to worry about, to doubt was insane
The limited callow isolated individuals living on housing estates in
Large detached houses in Kew, tower blocks in Tottenham marshes, become
my gods
I see an accounts clerk from tooting, I see Zeus
A sanitary inspector from the London borough of Haringey and Brahmin
stands resplendent before me
For 5 minutes I LOVE EVERYBODY
There is only love
All action ceases
The mile end road once a blood-stained battlefield of bacchanalian
Becomes the garden of Gethsemane
A bitter 72 year old ex-Docker becomes the ever compassionate Buddha
A Cypriot minicab driver becomes St. Francis of Assisi
The 22 year old Glaswegian checkout girls IS the divine mother
My spirit is free
I am limitless in space
Time and matter
Simultaneously the planet Neptune part of the structural support to
Vauxhall bridge
I am your left breast I am Stepney I am Peru I am divine and so are you
I love everybody
I am nothing except a mere cluster of notes
A road sign in skelmersdale
I ran the roman empire
I was a lavatory attendant in hull
I am everybody and everybody is me
Spirit - who put the spirit in matter? - love


The next song - Yoga of the nightclub - gives a fair indication to
people who may from older generations may not understand why the youth
of today go to all-night Raves and take drugs like Ecstasy. - serpent
arise majestically, she moves so erotically - guru ma, om nama gura ma,
hara hara hara maha deva, om nama shiva, shiva nama om, aruna chala
shiva, aruna shiva om, om nama guru ma, guru ma nama om - farewell old
friend beelzebeub, no more yoga of the night club , angels sent from
above, took me back to the temple of love'
Then I am music repeated instrumental - then the obviosu theosophical
concept comes in - 'The Bonds of Love' this is followed by Angels then
the Ironic 'No Change is Sexy' - 

Let's not change the world
Leave it like it is
No Change, No Change is Sexy
Let's not look inside for Inner Worlds
Let's not find meaning
Let's not find reasons to change
No change is Sexy
Let's lose ourselves in drives from rugby to hull
Hornchurch to gant's hill, Wallsend to Glamorgan
Let's be sexy
Let's talk of taking our lives as if considering a trip to the video
"yeah I might top myself later, See ho I feel, I'll never see the
rainforests anyway"
Let's make jokes about murdering shop assistants and eating their livers
with virgin olive oil
And a sprig of parsley
No change is sexy......



Then comes another instrumental - RAGA - and finally the last track
aptly titled 'Forever'....

I just want to live until I die
I won't let myself just pass me by
I want everything Till I want nothing
But you...just you
I'm with you forever
I'll be with you forever


Jah Wobbles Invaders of the Heart - TAKE ME TO GOD is released on Warner
Music. All Lyrics Copyright Warner Music and by Jah Wobble.




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