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Re: Theos-World Reg. Daniel , Greg and Frank Reitemeyer.

Nov 18, 2001 07:55 AM
by Steve Stubbs


One last comment and I shall hole my peace. You say:

Brendan French is a
> compulsive lyer and 
> a cheat, he broke severral agreements with me.

But that is not germane. The only thing that is
germane is that he either gave you written permission
to use his work or he did not.

In the case of an interview written permission is not
necessary, since agreeing to an interview constitutes
what is known as tacit consent. In most other cases
written permission is required unless one is making
brief excerpts for comment, in which case the doctrine
of "fair use" (USA) or "fair dealing" (UK) is
operative. Of course, monody knows for sure what fair
use is.

As for the statement that: "the courts will have to 
decide", that makes no sense because if anyone
intended to sue anyone else, all this public statement
making would not be going on.


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