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RE: Theos-World Reg. Daniel , Greg and Frank Reitemeyer.

Nov 18, 2001 02:08 AM
by nos

And this has what to do with Frank? - whose full name you used in the


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|Sent: Sunday, 18 November 2001 8:22 PM
|Subject: Theos-World Reg. Daniel , Greg and Frank Reitemeyer.
|My statement still remains the same as before,the courts will have to 
|decide that, in my experience Brendan French is a compulsive lyer and 
|a cheat, he broke severral agreements with me. 
|If people on this list feel and insist that is what they want to 
|discuss, fine (or not actually, I dont think this matter is the 
|reponsibility of theos talk) but then I am not anymore part of the 
|Reg: Steve "additional intellectual property rights he claims over 
|and above copyright " I hope Greg at least answerrred your 
|question ? Or maybe he just used "Daniel" as an excuse to use 
|this forum only as 
|an attempted tool of intimidation.
| Brigitte
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