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Brigitte, where & when did you answer these questions?

Nov 17, 2001 09:09 AM
by Blavatsky Archives

Daniel wrote:

"But each time when Gregory Tillett and I ask Brigitte the relevant 
questions about her website, about the publication of Brendan 
French's writings on her website, etc., Brigitte ALSO disappears. 
She does not answer the charges brought against her by French and 

Brigitte replied:

"I answerred these questions, besides it has no business on this 

Daniel comments:

Where, Brigitte, did you answer these questions? Maybe I missed 
them. Were they posted on this mailinglist?

Did anyone else see Brigitte's direct answers to these questions? I 
would like to see these answers.

And why should not these questions and answers be posted on this 

Brigitte, you have been promoting the French material about HPB and 
Theosophy on your website. Readers have a right to know about 
whether Dr. French gave your permission or not to publish HIS 
WRITINGS on your website.


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