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Re: Theos-World Origine_of_Blavatsky’s_Wisdom_Religion_confirmed_now_!

Nov 17, 2001 07:22 AM
by Steve Stubbs

The value of the SD is primarily its model of
psychological phenomena, and not its anthropological
or cosnogonical pretensions.

That said, the mitochondrial DNA you mention comes
from the female and not the male lineage. Moreover,
the evidence is that the human race is descended from
SEVEN primordial women, a fact which seems peculiarly
suggestive in the light of Blavatsky's theories.


--- wrote:
> Sensational,true origine of Blavatsky's Wisdom
> Religion confirmed 
> now !
> Archaeologists have found tools suggesting modern
> human behaviour 
> started 30,000 years earlier than previously
> thought.
> Scientists found the collection of 70,000-year-old
> tools in a cave on 
> the southern tip of South Africa.
> Until now it had been accepted that man's ability to
> intricately 
> carve tools only developed 40,000 years ago.
> Christopher Henshilwood, an archaeologist from the
> South African 
> Museum in Cape Town and a member of the team that
> made the discovery, 
> said: "The implication is that there was a modern
> human behaviour in 
> Africa about 35,000 years before Europe."
> Last year a team of Chinese and American geneticists
> obtained blood 
> samples from more than 12,000 men from across east
> Asia and examined 
> characteristic DNA sequences called markers on the Y
> chromosome (the 
> male chromosome). The Y chromosome is considered one
> of the most 
> powerful molecular tools for tracing human
> evolutionary history 
> because it remains unchanged over eons when passed
> from father to 
> son. The researchers found that every one of the men
> could trace his 
> ancestry to forefathers who lived in Africa over the
> past 35,000 to 
> 89,000 years. They also found absolutely no genetic
> evidence that the 
> modern people (Homo sapiens) mated with archaic
> humans (Homo erectus) 
> that already lived in Asia, having migrated from
> Africa about 1 
> million years ago.
> How do we adjust the Secret Doctrine ?
> Brigitte
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