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Re: Theos-World three limbs

Nov 17, 2001 02:58 AM
by teos9

In a message dated 11/16/2001 10:14:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< On another list there were three limbs of theosophical work
mentioned. These were new to me - yet quite useful, so I am
sharing them with you all:

The three limbs are: study, meditation, service. 

The idea being (among others) that where the heart is
passive, the mind is not fruitfull, and vice versa.
Theosophical study is usually quite mental, which is both
one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of the
movement IMO. In practical life the other two are needed to
balance stuff. 

Katinka >>

Hi Katinka,

In the TS of Boston during the 80's, this idea was being offered as the 
central piece, in a workshop on "mystical triads." The difference was that 
the "service" component was always placed in the middle. The explanation 
given, was, that in any dualistic system of oppositional stress (right and 
wrong, good and evil, etc.) the resolution could always be found directly 
above the center of the horizontal opposites. The symbolism of a triangle is 
a perpetual reminder of that fact. In this case, "study," an active linear, 
intellectual process is shown opposite to "meditation," a passive non-linear 
mystical process. the constant activity between these two forms, WILL 
ultimately lead to their resolution, which is SERVICE. Neither intellectual 
or mystical, SERVICE is a function of pure BEING.

I have loved triads as instruments of resolution, ever since. thanks.


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