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Steiner on black magic from America

Nov 17, 2001 03:26 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Here's a quote from Rudolf Steiner from a newspaper article. I was not able
to check this quote as I have not the necessary book.
Perhaps another student on this list can check it.
It's my humble translation into English. Below is the original German text
as I've got it.
Seems that Steiner agrees here with HPB that the black magic will run under
the flag of "freedom".

"We will not have to wait a long time, when we will have written the year
2000, then will go out from America not a direct, but an indirect kind of
prohibition for all thinking, a law, which will have the purpose to suppress
all individual thinking."

"Es wird nicht lange dauern, wenn man das Jahr 2000 geschrieben haben wird,
da wird nicht ein direktes, aber eine Art von Verbot für alles Denken von
Amerika ausgehen, ein Gesetz, welches den Zweck haben wird, alles
individuelle Denken zu unterdrücken."
- Rudolf Steiner, 4 April 1916, GA No. 167

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