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Re: Theos-World Virus Alert*****

Nov 17, 2001 06:54 AM
by Steve Stubbs


Thus far the hackers can only putviruses on your
machine through ATTACHMENTS. You are therefore right
to scan all attachments and not to download ANYTHING
from an unknown source with an .EXE or .PPS extension
even if Norton says it is OK.


--- Dennis Kier <> wrote:
> Virus Alert****
> Norton's Antivirus just stopped a virus as I was
> downloading this
> package.
> It was from "_harbans_singh48",
> Subject ex Wednesday
> and the virus was in an attachment to the message,
> and titled
> I deleted it, and deleted the entire message. I
> recommend that you do
> the same.
> Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

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