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RE: The cause of the whole manvantara

Nov 16, 2001 06:19 AM
by Peter Merriott

<< PETER: Surely it is the notion that there is a *SEPARATE* self that is
the core of our own particular human Maya and suffering.>>

<< JERRY: Peter, I want you to seriously think about this a moment, and then
please tell me what a non-separate self is, or what or a non-individual
individuality is.

I think you are asking the wrong question. The belief that we are all
'separate' is simply that - a belief - albeit a hugely ingrained one in our
personal consciousnes(!). For example, The Voice of the Silence tells us
that such a belief is "The Great Heresy", which HPB explains as:

"Attavada, the heresy of the belief in Soul or rather in the separateness of
Soul or Self from the One Universal, infinite SELF."

The reality is that ONE-NESS IS, but due to our false belief that we are
separate entities we tend to seek personal self gratification rather than
the good of the whole. Thus we get involved in the cycle of greed, hatred
and ignorance which produces suffering all round.

So one asks, is it possible for us to experience or to be 'at-one' with the
underlying UNITY of all things and yet act 'independently' for the benefit
of all beings? I believe this is what an Adept and a Buddha is able to do.
Each of us may have moments, at least.

<< JERRY: How can you and I be merged together and still somehow retain any
distinction between you and I?>>

The words "merged together" and "distinction" are yours not mine.
Nevertheless, I feel that those who have known real Love in their heart for
another (or others) will have experienced something of the answer to that
question. Also, those who may have had a touch of the 'Mystical' side of
Life may also have experienced some kind of answer to that question. The
sense of separateness, of 'me and other', disappears, yet it is not simply a
state of psychological fusion, of "I am you". It is possible to
'experience' a 'unity with all' without losing the sense of being an
'independent' centre of awaren-ess. But this 'centre' of aware-ness is
something quite different to that limited contraction of consciousness
associated with the personality.

Perhaps we could say, one experiences the paradox of 'the One and the many'.
In our hearts each of us is both the One and one of the many. Like the
analogy from the SD of the many sparks and the ONE FLAME.

"Lift thy head, oh Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee,
burning in the dark midnight sky?"

"I sense one Flame, oh Gurudeva, I see countless undetached sparks shining
in it."

These are matters of the heart, I would say, rather than logic.



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