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RE: Theos-World The cause of the whole manvantara

Nov 13, 2001 03:02 PM
by nos

I thought the cause of the manvantara was Vriti in Chetna

Don't make me change my whole world view now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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|Subject: Theos-World The cause of the whole manvantara
|> JERRY: The notion that there is "an immortal and enduring 
|SELF in each 
|> being" is the core of maya, the central ignorance that keeps this 
|> whole manvantara going.
|I don't believe that is quite accurate. Surely it is the 
|notion that there is a *SEPARATE* self that is the core of our 
|own particular human Maya and suffering.
|The idea that our ignorance is the one thing that keeps "the 
|whole manvantara" going seems somewhat exoteric and 
|superficial, if not simply
|grandiose. Will the entire Manvantara and all the future 
|Manvantaras, the
|periodical and regular manifestations of the One Self Existing 
|Reality (ie
|Parabrahm) all come to an end when we truly realise we are not 
|separate from one another?
|Maybe the KOSMOS with its cycles of rest and activity, the 
|periodical playground of numberless Universes, is much much 
|grander and far more meaningful than the pitiful stage of 
|selfishness and separateness that our current humanity is 
|going through.
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