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RE: [bn-study] Significance of a birthday

Nov 05, 2001 05:35 PM
by dalval14

Monday, November 05, 2001

Dear Friends:

Theosophy offers the proposition that Karma rules the universe
both in general and in particular. Its adjustments are
mathematically accurate and adjusted so as to provide the optimum
learning experience for all those Monads (beings) involved.

As such astrology deals with certain Universal, Galactic, Solar,
and Earth induced forces that come into play at the specific
times that Karma designates.

Our own birth (physical) is subject to one or other of these
Karmic and Astrological cycles.

This was well known in detail to the Sages of the ancient
nations. The Monuments left to us show how and when they were
erected and in what orientation were the "fixed stars" rising and
setting with regard to the buildings or events, etc.. that were

The main question then is of time, and place, and of any changes
and movements that may have occurred before or afterwards.

The field of inquiry widens from individuals to families, to
communities, and to nations, thereafter the field covers World,
Solar Systems, galaxies and specific STARS of POWER. All or any
of these are said to have a relation to us when we are RE-BORN.

The question of time and place is important, as the time of
conception may have precedence over the time of actual emergence
from the womb. There is a difference of 9 months (approximately)
in such cases.

Is there more to this query?

Best wishes,



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From: CeeKaye Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2001 8:28 AM
Subject: [] Significance of a birthday

Aside from the how-to-look-inward-meditation and other theo-study
I am wondering: Is there any significance to astrological

I was born in a certain month and the planets were aligned in a
fashion...supposedly a person's "natal chart" gives clues as to
specific personal tendnacies, destiny, karmic activity in this
Seems Helena had indicated some things about the zodiac in the
SD. How much
time would a theosophist invest in astrology? Perhaps it is
worth looking
into the subject matter...

Anyone else have any info, resources conerning the subject from a
theosophical point of view?



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