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taking care of the small picture too

Nov 04, 2001 08:28 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

On another theosophical list, another version
of political discussions raged a few weeks ago.
Someone suggested that we switch the discussions
there to something better. I had a suggestion
there that ties in with Katinka's change of
subject for us.

-- Eldon

Apart from discussing different views on the big picture,
when we're talking about what entire nations can do, there's
the more immediate question of what we might do as individuals.

We can have peaceful thoughts and try to contain our
anger, channelling it into constructive rather than
destructive channels.

We can meditate, work on our humility, not strike back when
faced with petty offenses, and be an example of peace and
calm that others about us would want to imitate.

We can enhance the harmless in our lives. A vegetarian diet
consumes perhaps 10 percent as much resources as a meat diet
and is harmless to animals. Clothing based upon plant products
are better than those made with leather.

We can be more aware of our environment, littering less, using
less electricity and water in our homes, buying products using
less non-disposable parts like plastic, and walking more rather
than driving everywhere.

We can also practice tolerance and flexibility of mind, allowing
others that disagree with us to have their say, and maintaining
an open channel of communication -- the opposite of a quick
condemnation of those voicing views of which we disapprove.

And finally, we can smile and laugh a little. Life is imperfect.
Nature has a sense of humor. It has to -- it made us! There's
nothing sadder than a grim, humorless outlook on life.

-- Eldon

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