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Re: Theos-World establishing the right tone for future discussions

Nov 04, 2001 04:09 PM
by Bill Meredith

> From: Eldon B Tucker <>
> To:
> Subject: Theos-World establishing the right tone for future discussions
> Date: Sunday, November 04, 2001 2:46 PM
> The following is based upon some comments I made
> on another list. I've changed them slightly, to
> the portions of my comments useful here. I'm
> still mulling over how to establish the right
> tone for our future discussions. Any last-minute
> helpful comments are still appreciated.
> -- Eldon
> ----
> I'm thinking over some guidelines for respectful
> discussions for this list. I'm almost ready to write
> out a draft. First would be no name calling, which
> includes classifying people with some negative
> stereotype. Second would be no general hatred of
> other peoples, be they of a different race, form
> of faith or belief, holding a different political
> stand, etc. Third would be to not persist challenging
> someone with questions about a particular topic
> once they've said they don't want to talk about it
> more. The discussion can continue with others, but
> each person has the right to say, "I'm dropping out
> of this thread," and not be continually pulled
> back into it. (This "pulling back" could be by
> questions directed at them, or by mention of them
> by name with comments that require some response.)
> When someone misbehaves, they could be kicked off a list,
> but kicking someone off a list really does not keep them
> off. It ultimately comes back to everyone agreeing to
> behave themselves. Someone can immediately come back
> under other email id's, lurk, then join in with the
> same material as before anytime. Ultimately, a group
> is responsible to maintain itself. If our list
> degenerates into hateful darkness, then it's up to all
> of us as fellow list members to speak up and not let
> people get out of hand.
> Another option with Yahoo Groups is that one can cause
> certain subscribers to be moderated, even though the
> overall group is unmoderated. If someone misbehaves,
> pestering people with unwanted challenges or constantly
> calling them names and attacking them, one can warn them,
> then if the behavior doesn't stop, they can be personally
> moderated. Then, for a week or two, one'd get to accept
> or reject all their future postings, until the time is
> up and one decide to give them general posting privileges
> again.

This sounds useful on the face of it but it falls into the same category as
kicking someone off the list. If you moderate someone they can simply join
under a different pseudonym and even argue with themselves on your list. 
The only way to deal with cyber pests is to killfile them. When ever a
new pseudonym emerges spouting the same old crap. Killfile. Bart
understands. If someone on this list is still reading material from
someone who continually annoys them then they are getting what they
deserve. Killfile.
> -- Eldon
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