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RE: [bn-study] Re:RE: RIGHT and WRONG -- How would the Masters act ? H ow does the ATMA work?

Nov 03, 2001 01:46 PM
by dalval14

Saturday, November 03, 2001

Dear Friends:

Re MOTIVE what makes it virtuous or vicious?

The best explanation was made ages ago by an ancient Indian sage.
(see S D II 176 )

"Desire first arose in IT that was the primal germ of mind, and
which Sages, seeing with their Intellect, discovered in their
Heart to be the connecting bond between Being and Non-Being.":

(or something similar -- as it is also to be found used with a
slightly different phraseology by H P B in the THEOSOPHICAL.
GLOSSARY, p. 171 under KAMADEVA.

The foundation concepts are:

1. The Universe is eternal and every being *including man) is an
Eternal Pilgrim."

2. The Universe runs under immutable, just, fair, merciful LAWS
( KARMA ) Each being has associated with it its own individual
Karma. These Laws are universal and cannot be broken without
attracting a compensatory result. (See essay on KARMA a the end

3. Consciousness is derived from SPIRIT. it is the power to
Perceive, to Witness, and it resides in various degrees of
capacity and acuity in all beings, including mankind.

4. The Universe exists for the purpose of the Soul (Mind) to
grow and develop in.

5. Every Being is a "Monad" composed of the finest point of
conjoined SPIRIT and MATTER. With each of these is associated
MIND, as a Mid-point independent "Observer." It is in this Mind
where the "3 lines of evolution" (ATMA-BUDDHI-MANAS or
SPIRIT-WISDOM-THINKING) are intertwined and conjoined.

There are three converging lines of evolution ( S D I 181 ) in
Man's consciousness: the ONE SPIRIT, 2. the Intelligent human
MIND, and 3. the instinctual selfishness of the "animal"
evolution which has reached its peak of sensitivity. Theosophy
teaches that about 18 million years ago (S D I 150fn) the mind
was "lit up" in humanity by its "elder Brothers -- the Wise Sages
who had preceded it. Since then the independence of the immortal
MIND, which uses many bodies in succession in the process of
reincarnation, seeks gradually to learn all the parameters of
knowledge. Thus each Individual Ego eventually acquires a
personal knowledge of all the WISDOM of the Earth and our
Universe. It becomes fit to enter the Brotherhood of the wise.
This entrance is only opened to those who are virtuous and
unselfishly devoted to the good of all others.

The reason is that in Theosophical psychology, the "emotions and
desires" are viewed as separately classified when compared to the
"Mind and the mental powers."

MOTIVE is that free choice we all have to act in accord with
UNIVERSAL LAW or to attempt to subvert and break it selfishly.
The motive is either virtuous or vicious. We are at present
generally ignorant of the difference between the two. This is
because we do not realize that nature is so very sensitive as to
register the least aspect of self-interest. If in any choice we
manifest self-interest, the choice becomes vitiated by that
factor and we suffer as a result.

Sometimes our own motives are difficult to determine as we have
to detach ourselves (THE REAL WE) from the embodied
brain-consciousness which is used when we are AWAKE. There is a
difference, to which Theosophy speaks. It will be fund described
in the KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) -- in the first 200 pages -- in
great detail. The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (HPB) will be found
"on-line" at

Students can down-load what they desire to read or study from
that source.

Best wishes,



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Masters act ? H ow does the ATMA work?


I am merely questioning motive itself! At some level or other the
motive itself is either a part of overall motion that is cyclical
and periodic or it is ego oriented. The motive of the overall
periodic motion has no knowledge of it. That seems to be part of
Master run motive.
Any other motive that is part of ego run is not worth it all and
it is Karmic.

That is what I am trying to address!


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