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Re: Theos-World time to review how theos-talk operates

Nov 02, 2001 11:49 AM
by leonmaurer

It's not surprising that you took my impersonal answer to your question 
personally. As usual, your statements, mostly disguised in the form of self 
justifying or snide questions, show a profound ignorance of theosophy. 
"Character" is the higher nature of the real individuality that overshadows 
the "artificial construct" of the lower nature or *personality*. Each 
individual is responsible for their own character and personality. To 
"destroy" either one, belonging to someone else, is not the prerogative of 
those wishing to play God. Such Hubris is one of the "seven deadly sins" 
leading to one's own bad karma. 'One must see to their own faults before 
they judge the faults of another' is the teaching of all the great Masters of 
Wisdom. Therefore, it behooves one to think before one speaks...


In a message dated 11/02/01 10:03:16 AM, writes:

>Character assassination? Isn't the character an artifical construct -
>to destroy it not beneficial? ;)
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>|>As I've stated to those who have contacted me privately - Where do you 
>|>draw a line between theosophy and non-theosophy?
>|When you start dealing with partisan politics, personal 
>|opinions, prejudices, and character assassination. 

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