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Re: Theos-World Emmett Small has passed away

Oct 27, 2001 06:42 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Eldon, thank you so much for your truthful information about Emmett's passing. Yes, he was surely one of the outstanding chelas in the background who worked for the cause HPB represented. I think no one of us in this list would have been able to do what Emmett did. For every chela becoming a teacher it is probable one of his/hers greatest concerns to keep the link unbroken and to help to bring the outer Movement over the threshold of a one-hundred-years cycle.

Point Loma Publications was mainly instrumental in the last quarter of the 20th century in bringing out the uncorrupted message of HPB's big successor, who was introduced by HPB with this words: "...[S]ome disciple more informed, and far better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final and irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-Vidya; and that, like the once-mysterious sources of the Nile, the source of all religions and philosophies now known to the world has been for many ages forgotten and lost to men, but is at last found" (SD I:xxxviii).

Very much work has been done by PLP, despite the fact that not all members within the broad theosophical movement were aware of their esoteric work. Very much work remains to be done, depending perhaps on both the ability of fellow workers and readiness of Theosophists. The family will continue to build further cornerstones.

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