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Emmett Small has passed away

Oct 26, 2001 07:18 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

Emmett Small, former student of G. de Purucker and resident
of Katherine Tingley's theosophical community at Point
Loma, California, passed away last night at 8:34 PM PDT.

Emmett was more recently known for his significant role in
helping found and lead Point Loma Publications, which has
kept in print literally hundreds of significant theosophical
books. See <> for more
information on PLP.

At 98 1/2 years of age, he had survived the others of
his generation, including Iverson L. Harris, Helen Todd,
L. Gordon Plummer, Geoffrey Barborka, Elsie Benjamin, and
many, many more people coming out of the Point Loma
community to make a significant contribution to the
theosophical community.

Emmett editing many books for publication, was senior editor
of the PLP periodical, THE ECLECTIC THEOSOPHIST, and carried
on a significant worldwide correspondence. His work tied
together theosophists of many backgrounds into a cooperative

He is survived by his daughters, Clara and Gwen; his son,
Ken; and wife, Carmen. Carmen has carried on the leadership
of PLP, acting as President for the last several years.
Ken also plays a significant role in keeping PLP going.

Saturday, Emmett was hospitalized. On Sunday, it was
determined that he had kidney failure and only a short
time left. Then Thursday evening, he passed away.

According to Ken, "His passing was extraordinarily peaceful.
The many greetings from friends both close and from around
the world were shared with him as he rested at the San Diego
hospice during the week for which he was most grateful. Both
of my sister's were present with myself at the time of time
of his passing."

Emmett will be remembered not so much for any specific
outstanding event in his life. He'll be thought of with
HIGHER regard. He was one of those behind-the-scenes workers
that hold the Theosophical Movement together. Lives like
his, spend in selfless labor for a greater cause, come and
go with little fanfare. But they are the bedrock upon which
the Movement stands.

-- Eldon

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