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RE: THEOSOPHY == and TS, ULT, Krishnamurti & Besant, etc...

Oct 27, 2001 05:29 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Dear Gopi:

Of you want to study and know what THEOSOPHY teaches, then, H P B
is the "door-keeper," so to say. if in truth the Mahatmas have
employed her as heir agent for this era, then we have an
opportunity to approach Them, such as has only been recorded in
ancient Indian Literature.

If one desires to read and study other systems everyone has that

Those who have benefited from what they consider to be WISDOM in
THEOSOPHY humbly but gently insist on continuing that study and
try to follow those applications as are recommended throughout
Theosophical literature, but which are more strongly emphasized

She never claimed to be "the Ultimate." The Mahatmas never made
that claim on her behalf.

Individual students alone can determine if the ethico-moral
system she detailed fits in with their sense of that which leads
to "ultimate" and "supreme perfection."

It is essential that the doubts and skepticism of students be
resolved, but they alone can and must do that for themselves.
They have to learn who and what they are.

Personally I would rather like to think of my HIGHER SELF as a
unit of the ONE SELF. I can understand its attempt to raise the
Lower Ego (Kama-Manas) up to its condition of knowledge and
perception. I can see my one mind has three facets -- 3 ways of
looking at things, but also that I as the THINKER, the PERCEIVER,
the WITNESS, have the final responsibility of making choices.
That my own Karma will follow is a given and accepted "risk." If
from these concepts I seek further corroboration -- this is the
reason why I write and inquire of others if these ideas are

All good teachers seek to inspire their pupils to emulate their
research and work, and perhaps find or demonstrate that their own
study is more generally supported than others.

It appeals to me that the "GOD WITHIN" is of the nature and
essence of the UNIVERSAL DEITY (by whatever name) I would rather
be inspired by that concept than the one offered by Science: that
I am evolved monkey and that my power of thought is tied to the
physical brain -- when I know it is not so by personal

One interesting thing is H.P.Blavatsky in The SECRET DOCTRINE
does quote in defense of the Theosophical concept of
self-evolution the face that there is an enormous gap in size and
potential between the highest apes with a brain capacity of about
35 cubic inches, and Humans who have a brain capacity of about 90
to 100 cubic inches. In a recent NOVA TV program, the speaker
compared the number of synapses possible in the present physical
human brain to what we know of the volume and potential of our
known Galaxy. -- a rather staggering figure running into
quintillions and sextillions of possible connections. So in one
more way there is the use of an analogy that ties us in potential
to the Universe.

If reincarnation is a fact in this life we are picking up from
where we left off in earlier ones, and developing for the future
lives that will be ours, many continuing opportunities (if we
have the wisdom to take them). We have to seriously think of
ourselves as the immortal Pilgrim Gods and let our Personality
know that its only bid for immortality lies in attuning itself to
the Universal Song of the WHOLE of LIFE.. We all know a portion
of that, but the divine Krishna (as MAHA-VISHNU) is eternally
present in us, who are the Arjunas of our race in this era.

Best wishes,



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From: Gopi Chari
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 10:44 AM
Subject: Re: THEOSOPHY == and TS, ULT, Krishnamurti & Besant

Dear RP,

This is a question we must answer. According to you (and I agree
you) HPB's writings are the basis. Can there be additions to
HPB's write
ups, are HPB is the final on all of the occult subjects? It is
to answer that question. Needless to say, anyone that is not with
HPB is
not Theosophist. I will definitely go that far (which in itself
is strong
statement). But is she the ultimate? Can there be others that may
further than she has gone? If so, how to know who is correct?

For me I will be lucky to get everything she said in my present
life. All
the same, can I make a definitive statement that she is the
ultimate? She
sure did not think so! I serve her only if I go further than her.


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