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Fw: Most Blessed Earth

Oct 25, 2001 10:28 PM
by Etzion Becker

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Subject: Most Blessed Earth

> I know I've sent this to the list more than once, but I love it, so for
> that haven't read this piece here goes.
> This from _Avatar of The Age Meher Baba Manifesting_ by Bhau Kalchuri
> pg 110 entitled Most Blessed Earth
> The physical universe of creation is the seventh shadow of God, and there
> innumerable universes of millions and millions of planets in the universe.
> There are some universes where all seven stages of evolution are
> and there are some universes where the stages of evolution are still
> developing. There are 18,000 planets in the physical universe where human
> habitation is found. Out of these 18,000 worlds of human beings, some of
> planets are inhabited by humans with one hundred percent intellect, and on
> some of the planets the human beings have seventy-five percent intellect
> twenty-five percent heart. On these 18,000 worlds the human intellect is
> developed to the most extreme extent, and intellect is the only basis of
> Earth holds a unique position in the physical universe. The earth is the
> planet where wine and song exist. Earth is the closest planet to the
> point, or OM point, where consciousness emerges out of unconsciousness.
> and song are available only on earth, so there is full scope for the heart
> qualities to develop and for the process of involution to occur.
> The other planets where humanity has evolved are utterly dry of wine and
> barren of singing. Since there is no wine or song, the heart qualities or
> feeling capacities of these other human beings are not developing. These
> humans of intellect have no taste for wine and no inclination for song.
> these humans have no heart faculty, there is no spirituality or spiritual
> aspiration. Through the intellect the play of the seventh shadow of God -
> physical forces in the universe -- entices these 18,000 worlds.
> It has not been revealed whether these humans of the intellect communicate
> among themselves through interplanetary travel, but is has been revealed
> Avatar Meher Baba that they do not physically communicate with the human
> beings on earth. To develop the heart capacity they must reincarnate on
> earth, and millions have done so during this century.
> Earth is the one spiritual planet in the physical universe, because it is
> only planet where human beings have an equal portion of intellect and
> Involution occurs only on this planet, and that is why the seven thousand
> members of the spiritual hierarchy are found living here. God incarnates
> the Avatar only on this earth; the Avatar does not physically visit the
> 18,000 worlds of humanity. Earth is where the five Perfect Masters are
> found, where the God-intoxicated masts* are found, and where the yogis and
> saints are found. An individual human being can become a lover of God only
> earth, because only here is he offered the wine of love and the song that
> arises from spiritual intoxication.
> Earth is truly the most blessed planet, and we human beings living here
> truly the most blessed, for it is here that an individual human being can
> actually feel the presence of God, can actually develop his inner eye and
> God, can actually shed all sanskaric** impressions and become one with
> Only on earth can one encounter fifty-six human beings who are actually
> in human form. When these fifty-six human beings talk, it is God talking;
> when they touch, it is God touching; when they meet other human beings; it
> God Personified meeting these people.
> Truly we are most blessed who live on earth, for God descends on this
> age after age, and he brings with him increasingly more wine and song
> time he comes. Only because of the Avatar is it possible for human beings
> recognize the Reality.

*Mast: God intoxicated soul.
Sanskara: an impression which was imprinted on the subconscious mind, and
compels the individual to act when it is being released.

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