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Re: Re Globes and Planes

Oct 25, 2001 07:11 AM
by Monica Suzuki

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Jerry S" <gschueler@e...> wrote:
> Monica, the term "astral projection" or "astral traveling" is a
> generic term for consciously traveling throughout the 7 planes.
> The "astral" was originally used like the Eqyptian "Dwat" as a
> general term for inner planes.

It seems we're getting stuck on semantics. I'll take your word for 
it at this point.

> The nirmanakya can function on any of the four upper planes, but is
> not conscious of the lower planes - he/she is disembodied,
> according to Blavatsky, and so has no physical body with which to
> function on the physical plane. Only an embodied buddha can be
> conscious on all 7 planes simultaneously (at least this is what
> Tibetan Buddhism teaches).

Would you provide the reference? I must have missed that in my 
studies. Thanks for clarifying.


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