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RE: Theos-World forcing democracy upon other countries

Oct 25, 2001 02:02 AM
by nos

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|Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2001 11:59 AM
|Subject: Re: Theos-World forcing democracy upon other countries
| You seem kind of interventionist. Why do you think 
|we should intervene in other countries internal political 
|struggles? I think our leaders in this country could take a 
|lesson in the saying "Back to the future", we need to 
|rediscover some of our past history in order to get on with 
|the future. The founding fathers would role over in there 
|graves if they knew what kind of country were turning out to 
|be. Like I said, we need to be an example for the world, by 
|being interventionist were turning out just to be another 
|country whose trying to run the world. We want change in 
|these countries, but it has to be at there speed not ours. 
|Also, don't you believe the European democracies could do a 
|lot more to further the message of freedom and democracy. It 
|seems we have lost our way a little bit, and we no longer 
|follow a lot of the truth and ideas this country was founded 
|on. Daniel 
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|From: Eldon B Tucker
|Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 6:56 PM
|Subject: Theos-World forcing democracy upon other countries
|At 06:36 PM 10/23/01 -0600, you wrote:
|>Dear Eldon,
|> Isn't it true that a lot of the founding fathers of 
|>our nation were mostly freemasons and had a occult backround, they 
|>believed democracy was the highest of ideals for mankind. They 
|>believed we should be an example for the world, Reagans shining city 
|>on the hill. We should start being the example, and stop going into 
|>the parts of the world we don't belong. To be an example is to show 
|>people, not shove it down their throats. If they are going 
|to become 
|>free and democratic they need to come to that decision 
|themselves, not 
|>kicking and screaming. What do you think HPB would of thought?
|I'm not sure it matters what she might have thought.
|It matters what we think. I think we may have drifted
|away from trying to remake the work in our image.
|It's always a problem when we decide what to do when
|another country suffers under a malevolent government.
|Do we leave them alone? Do we deal with the government
|and not interfere in its internal affairs? Or do we
|try to help along the process of change where it'll
|eventually fall to something hopefully better? I thing
|our tendency has been do turn and look the other way.
|I'm not sure it's always the right thing to do. Some
|countries are too big to do anything about, like China.
|I see our current refocus on world affairs being driven
|by the current world threat -- that of potential use
|of weapons of mass destruction against western civilian 
|populations. This is so dangerous that any tendency towards 
|isolationism has to be put aside, literally under the threat 
|of death. Apart from hopefully rare situations like this, I'd 
|agree that we don't meddle in other countries governments, but 
|only provide general assistance, helping the countries improve 
|to the point where there will be a natural political evolution 
|from within.
|-- Eldon
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